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Display You Photos the Easy Way

March 3, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BringingInnovation #CollectiveBias

Display your Instagram photos easily and super chic using this DIY photo holder for less than $15.

So remember a while ago when I hung my stockings from this board? I showed you on that post how I put together the board and the wire. Now I’ve taken that same wire, some of my favorite photos and this string of lights from Paper Source, to display my photos in an easy way, and a pretty cute way too.

Display your Instagram photos easily and super chic using this DIY photo holder for less than $15.

I ran to Walmart and grabbed these new Energizer ecoAdvanced AA batteries and these Twinkle Lights from Paper Source. I only needed 3 and I was set. My original idea was to do a firefly jar, however, the box from the light wouldn’t fit in the mouth of the jar. I really like how this ended up looking and it seems like more of an original idea.

Display your Instagram photos easily and super chic using this DIY photo holder for less than $15.

Display your Instagram photos easily and super chic using this DIY photo holder for less than $15.

For the pictures, I took some favorite washi tapes of mine and just wrapped it around the photo and the wire for it to hang. So simple, yet so efficient to share our memories of family near and far. The picture with my husband in the red shirt I love. My oldest is 3-4 and he’s peed his pants but he’s just smiling for his aunt, happy as a clam.

Display your Instagram photos easily and super chic using this DIY photo holder for less than $15.

What I love about these lights is that they are so bright and I know that they’ll last because of the new technology of the Energizer ecoAdvanced AA batteries. Some things that you should know is that it’s the very first battery on the market that has reused material, they are also available in AAA and its Energizers newest product. To learn more, visit

Now for the fun part! There is a “Guilt Free Giveaway” going on and you can win $1,000 in gift cards. Just enter below and good luck!


GuiltFreeEnergy Giveaway – $1,000 in Gift Cards

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Frosted Personalized Window

December 15, 2014

DSC_0039I had the opportunity to post this on Hazel and Ruby’s blog before Thanksgiving and it’s instantly become one of my favorite projects! So, so easy and with only needing three products and 30 minutes, you can’t ask for better!


Yeah, taking a photo on a grey wall is not my specialty. I was really impressed with Krylon’s Frosted Finish paint. It doesn’t show up right away, maybe 30 seconds later so just keep that in mind. Just spray and then wait and you’ll see it start to show up almost instantly. Kind of like a fogged up window. Do you like that Ampersand? I’m guest posting on Sugar Bee Crafts today and you can check it out here on how to make it, I’ll also be sharing that with you in a few weeks on my site as well!


I used three Hazel and Ruby stencil masks for this project; Mixed Numbers, Chalk Art Alpha and Broadside Alpha. I placed them on this two-pane vintage window I found at a local scrap yard. If you’re in Utah, head on over to George’s architectural salvage on 900 South and 500 East. I placed my last name on the first pane with the Broadside Alpha and established in Chalk Art and the year my husband and I were married in Mixed Numbers. I used some Frog Tape to tape off the edges to leave a bit of the clear glass revealed.

DSC_0121I let the Krylon paint dry for about an hour and then I used some heavier wire around some screws and drilled them in tighter on the back so I had a taught wire to hang my picture.

DSC_0047I love it paired with my neighbor gift I made using My Minds Eye’s Sleigh Bells Ring line. The frame came painted like this and I left it leaving a lot of character. I just had to clean it really well. I used a softer bristle brush to get all the loose dust out of all the crannies and lots of window cleaner.


This project was tricky to photograph cause it had to catch just the right light and that didn’t always look the best, but it does add a lot to our main room. It’s a piece that can also stay with any season or any decor and I love it. Let me know what you think!

XOXO, Lindsay


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A DIY Holiday Reindeer Doormat

December 11, 2014

*I did receive this product as part of compensation for this post but all opinions are 100% mine

Create this easy doormat using Royal Design  Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on frenchiewraps.comRoyal Studio Designs has an assortment of high quality stencils that you’re able to follow easily to make a continuous design for your walls, furniture or now a doormat. I was asked to try out some new Christmas stencils designed by Jennifer Rizzo and create something cool for my home. I had worked with their sister company, Wallternatives to revamp Leila’s room so I knew they had great products.

Create this easy doormat using Royal Design  Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on frenchiewraps.comI ended up choosing the Reindeer Christmas Stencil as a focal point and the All the Angles Moroccan Stencil in medium for the background. I love the Moroccan stencil because I know that there is so much more that I can use it for. That’s also why I love their shop! I’ve got my eye on the Harlequin pattern for Leila’s wall. I’ve been wanting to really do something great with her room ever since we’ve moved in here an it’s never gone anywhere!

Create this easy doormat using Royal Design Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on

holiday doormatAnyways, I just took some painters tape and taped my stencil down. I would NOT recommend using these sponge brushes for the doormat. It was all I had and I was in it to win it by this point so I just had to move forward. I probably went through 20 brushes by time I was through! If you’re going to be doing a stencil on a wall, make sure you get one of their specialty brushes and take your time around the edges. This is going to insure that you get straight and crisp lines.

[left]Create this easy doormat using Royal Design Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on[/left]
[right]Create this easy doormat using Royal Design Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on[/right]

I used Martha Stewart’s Home Decor Chalk Paint in Charcoal for the base stencil and Wedding Cake for the reindeer. We just used a bright red for his nose. I let my daughter start with the do and she aimed for his cheek rather than the nose so we’ve got an extra big Rudolph on our hands!

Create this easy doormat using Royal Design Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on frenchiewraps.comI love how it pairs with this Christmas countdown that I made with Amy Robison in her workshops. I added it along with my faux 5′ tree and placed my lighted marquee word inside. It just adds some fun for the holidays and my Easy Christmas Wreath.

Create this Christmas countdown from Amy Robison. See the details on

Create this easy doormat using Royal Design Studio and a $9 doormat from Ikea on


Let me know what your favorite stencil is! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
XOXO, Lindsay

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Make An Easy Christmas Wreath

November 18, 2014

christmas wreathCraft Lightning is back again for the Christmas holiday and I’m making this Easy Christmas Wreath. All it took was a pre-made wreath from JoAnn’s (here is one in white), a holiday twig, some hot glue and some ribbon. It’s woodsy and ties in to the trendy theme this year for Christmas.

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightningToday I’m going to show you how to make an easy Christmas wreath. I fluffed up the pines on the wreath and then I pulled away a small section so that I could add some of the twigs. I  placed some hot glue on the frame of the wreath and laid a twig on top. I continued to add them so that they made a swooping pattern and showed some sort of direction. When I cut the twigs off the giant post they originally came on, I ended up with 5 large and 5 small twigs. You can choose to use them all or only some, I used them all.

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightningI then took my ribbon and swagged it back and forth so I had 3 loops on each side and tied a ribbon in the middle. I fluffed the wire ribbon up so that it would have dimension and I took the extra ribbon that I tied it with in the middle and tied it to the wreath and hid a lot of the messy work. In the back I just knotted the deer ribbon on the wires and added some twine tassels just for some more dimension and that was it. Start to finish was about 20 minutes. Really easy and really a lot of fun!

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightning

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightningMake sure you check out more of Craft Lightning for the Holiday season and check out my other Craft Lightning posts!

XOXO, Lindsay


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DIY Stocking Holder with RYOBI

November 17, 2014

DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirlThis stocking holder was so fun and it has a DUAL PURPOSE! Yeah, you heard me right! Once the holidays are over, take those cute little stockings down and you’ve got yourselves a little Instagram photo holder! How fun is that? This was really easy and for a building project, really inexpensive. I’m not saying $2 here but for all the wood and photo holders I spent a total of $20.DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl

[left]DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl[/left]
[right]DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl[/right]

I first headed off to Home Depot and got me a primed piece of MDF that’s 8″X6′. You could choose raw wood but I chose the primed because I knew I wanted to use Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint.

[left]DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl[/left]
[right]DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl[/right]

I’m really a big fan of her paint. It’s easy to use, dries quickly and it’s foolproof. I use my old NutriBullet to blend up my paint and I rarely have any lumps. I used to mix by hand and I was constantly getting clumps or unmanaged tones. For this, I used about 1/2 cup of Eulalie’s Sky and 1/2 cup luke warm water. I brushed it on it two coats with an hour between and no sanding. Afterwards, I applied a light coating of her Hemp Oil. It adds a great sheen and makes the colors a lot richer.

Ryobi Drill

I then had an Ikea DIGNITET Curtain Wire that I wanted to use for the stockings/photos. I used my RYOBI ONE+ Lithium-Ion Starter Drill, available at Home Depot. I measured about 3″ from both ends and 4″ from the top so that I had a center point. I needed to pre-drill some holes into the board so that when it was time to put it into the wall, I had some traction.

[left]DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl[/left]
[right]DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl[/right]

Just like any Ikea directions, they are a blast to follow but the trick was to not make it too tight until you have it hanging on the wall and then you won’t whack your face with a tight wire! I just used some clothespins to secure the stockings to the wire.

DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl

I won my RYOBI starter tool set from SNAP last April and I love it! The ONE+ system is so awesome and I tried to keep it hidden from my husband. He’s got his own work tools that his job has bought for him that cost a lot more that RYOBI but I catch him always using mine. He loves that they are all battery powered and they just depend on that same battery. It’s lightweight and the battery stays powerful all the way to the end. I’m definitely getting over the fear of cutting my fingers off and using them a lot more often!

DIY Stocking Holder/Photo Holder built with RYOBI on #buildlikeagirl

It’s been a perfect addition to our family room over our couch and I’ve still got a bit to go but it’s getting there! I love it with my Advent Calendar I made this month too! Make sure you check out all the blogs participating in this RYOBI blog hop and see what wonderful holiday projects they’ve made! Make sure you head over to RYOBI Nation to sign up for their newsletters, I always get great inspiration!

XOXO, Lindsay

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Using Hemp Oil – Revamped Cigar Box to an Awesome School Pencil Box

October 15, 2014

Using Hemp oilOh, how I love Miss Mustard Seed and her fabulousity. I wish she’d come into my home and throw away everything and take me with her and show me what is up in how to find her magnificent finds. I don’t know what it is about Utah, maybe it’s just my lack of travel or my funds but I have a hard time finding that one piece at the right time. I’m 99.9% it’s just me.

DSC_0006If you link up to our weekly link parties, you’ll see that most of us are involved in this Drab to Fab Blog Hop. We decided that we’d each send each other something that we knew could be fabulous but was looking a little drab. I was sent this old cigar box. I really loved it, in fact it sat untouched until yesterday because I was in love with it. I didn’t want to paint it cause the finish I knew could be stellar. I didn’t want to alter it because I wanted to keep as much originality as I could. The only thing I knew I couldn’t keep was the fabulous picture on the inside. Which there is no picture of but just imagine a picture of that woman on the inside.

DSC_0002-001When I started on the project, I wanted to turn it into a little bed for my daughters toys. Then as I was putting the hemp oil on it, it was magical, it was turning into something I wanted on display. I already had some hemp oil on the picture so it was over, my life – that beautiful Hispanic woman washed away. I was so mad at myself but I just had to keep scraping sucking in the tears of failure. It’s really ok, it was just disappointing.

DSC_0003I placed some of Miss Mustards Seed’s Hemp Oil in a plastic cup and used a sponge brush. I used about 2 tablespoons but the beauty of this is that if you poured too much, just pour it back into the jar. You can see above where it immediately put moisture back into the wood and how this box used to look. I let the oil sit for about 5 minutes and then I wiped off the excess with a lint free cloth. It takes about 24 hours to cure but something this small I was ok to put things in it right away to take pictures. Can you tell the desk will be my next MMS project? I’m going to paint it with her Eulalie’s Sky. I’ve already have one dresser done but with life, you’re never done with anything!

DSC_0025I love how dark it is and how rich it looks. I love the turn it took during the process of making this whole project. What was supposed to be a girly looking product ended up being more of a masculine looking piece but really something that can be used for its true purpose but also for years still to come. It didn’t go too far off of its originality so that’s what I love most about this. Make sure you check out the other ladies transformations too!

XOXO, Lindsay



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Chalkboard Door

October 10, 2014

Use a chalkboard door to create and art center for kids on frenchiewraps.comSo I painted this door a few years ago and I’ve kind have been regretting it. I have just had a wreath hanging over it, it’s just been so blah. Well, since Hazel and Ruby came out with their new Chalk Art Kit my kids have really discovered magic again.

Use a chalkboard door to create and art center for kids on frenchiewraps.comI did tell her that I’m in charge of spraying the chalk remover spray. It works like a charm and Leila seems to be a bit of an overachiever at these types of things. She obviously got a hold of it considering all the bubbles in the cloth.

Use a chalkboard door to create and art center for kids on frenchiewraps.comWe currently have a Minion on there now and I don’t know what we’ll have next. The kids just love this. I use this on occasion to write their jobs when they come home from school or to write some needed groceries.

Use a chalkboard door to create and art center for kids on frenchiewraps.comUse their stencils to create a menu writing style or some fun other words created for your household. I may just write ART above ours seeing that’s really what it’s being used for. She’s just so happy to use it.

XOXO, Lindsay

Use a chalkboard door to create and art center for kids on

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DIY Easy Floral Arrangement

May 10, 2014

So when I grab flowers at the store, I love to take them home and just cut them into varying lengths and set them in a vase. I don’t usually have the floral foam on hand because I never knew it cost less than a $1 for a large block of it. You can easily find something totally off key to put flowers in. Using watering buckets, bowls, boots, mason jars, or even wooden boxes are unusual and add more conversation to an arrangement. Just even going for a different shape than the standard tall vase adds something that is pleasing to the eye. I’m not a professional florist, to be honest I don’t really know the names of the flowers I used, I just knew I wanted something fuller and purple.
So in Salt Lake there is a wholesale floral company called Ensign Floral. They have an amazing assortment of whatever you can imagine and can special order whatever you need, but they are wholesale and you need a business license.
When I went in I knew that I needed to work with height and fill in the bottom. I knew that I didn’t need a lot of variety. I could achieve a lot drama without going overboard with a lot of colors and species. I first start with my height. I was looking for some branches that had a worn look to them. When I saw these figs I knew that they were the right fit. They had a slight grey tone but with the green in the figs, they ended up tying in with the lemon leaves that I was going to use in the base. I then selected the purple ones (these are the ones I obviously don’t know the name of). They had the perfect fullness in them but yet they were mini enough that I thought they were just the cutest. When they bloom they have a white flower too! I then chose the lemon leaves because these are a hearty leaf and they last so long and dry beautifully.
First, I cut my oasis foam into thirds, just along the cut guide lines. I placed it in my square vase, pressed it down to the bottom and filled it with water. This soaks up a lot of water so just keep filling it until you think it can fill anymore. Usually filling the vase twice is ample enough. My vase has about a 4×4″ opening.
Once you have the oasis filled you can start cutting your flowers stems and placing them in your vases or pots. When cutting your stems, you want to cut on an angle. This makes it so that the water can travel up the stem and give your flower a longer life. I prefer also to have my water to be room temperature. I’ve heard that having warmer or colder water can make your blooms loosen or tighten up. I’m not really sure but I know that’s what Martha said and I’m going to do what she said! I placed my twig stem in the middle. I only had 2 twig stems so it was pretty easy to figure this one out! Once that was done I began placing my purple flowers around the base of the twigs. These I wanted to have a bit of height since I knew my leaves were going underneath.
So before I added the leaves, I want to make sure that my purple blooms are pretty symmetrical. The great thing about flowers is that they are so forgiving and that is what makes them so beautiful. They don’t have to be perfect. When adding the leaves, you’ll want to fill in any blank areas that you can. That’s my personal preference. I’ve seen florist use apples or artichokes to do this too. I wanted a bit of a fanned out look so I chose the leaves for this arrangement. I cut them in different lengths and you just start placing where you can find a spot. Be creative, they don’t all have to face the same direction. Make sure you get the dead blooms or leaves off too. If you don’t do that, they will end up taking those vital nutrients from the others cause they are struggling to survive.
Once you’ve placed all your blooms and stems inside to vase, go ahead and double check everywhere and make sure everything is sitting where you want it to sit. This type of arrangement will last you a good while because these are not delicate blooms. The figs aren’t necessarily the best thing to hang around but the twigs obviously will last. I really love this arrangement and it was fairly inexpensive. I was able to make 2 of these including 2 vases for $35, again though, that is at a wholesale price. Go ahead and ask florist at the end of the day if they have any blooms they are willing to part with. I’m sure they’d be willing to get something for them. Roses can easily be salvaged just by taking a few petals off. I’d say that this was a really successful creation.
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