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How to create your own felt play money with your Cricut Explore

March 23, 2017

This post does contain affiliate links, thank you for your support.Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut ExploreLearn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut ExploreThis felt play money was so easy to make. It is a little time consuming but I know it’ll last throughout the years which is perfect for play-time!


First, use your Heat-n-Bond and iron it on to your felt. This just gives the felt more of a stabilizer and it makes the money thicker by having two layers ironed together. Next, lay your felt on your cutting mat and cut your images. I’ve included everything in the one cut file for ease. To select certain shapes to be cut, just click on the eye that is to the right of the image in your layer section. It’ll hide and show the images you want to be cutting. Just play around and you’ll get the hang of it.

Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut ExploreWeed out the foil using your weeding tool or an x-acto knife. You want to remove whatever part of the image you don’t want. Be sure to leave whatever you do want on the clear plastic sheet. This will make transferring your image so much easier.
Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut ExplorePlace your felt pieces together and add on your iron-on. I use this method for my ironing. It helps the image really stay and I don’t have any images lifting afterwards.
Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut Explore Be sure not to use steam because it’ll create bubbles in your image. Now that you have one side adhered, flip it over and use the second image. If you use the heat-n-bond and don’t sandwich the felt together, your felt will stick to the surface you’re ironing on. It’ll also make it harder to make your play money double sided.Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut Explore I added the Lincoln and Washington faces to their respected ‘coins’ and I used the same method I did for the dollar bills. Just be a little extra careful because the images are small and you can burn yourself on the iron. I didn’t worry about being sure my faces faced the right way on both sides of the coin but you can if you’d like.
Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut ExploreI grabbed the girls this cute register from Ikea and now they can play McDonald’s anytime they want. My mom has some mini windows in her area under the stairs so the girls are always playing drive-thru. Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut Explore This play money is so sturdy and will last a long time. If I didn’t worry about quality, I could have easily bought the paper play money but I want the kids to have this for a long time so I took the extra effort and created it in sturdy felt.Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut Explore The foil iron-on is so awesome too. I’ve been wanting Cricut to come up with a true gold and silver metallic iron-on and this foil one lives up to all the expectations. You can remove the cover film while it’s still hot and the image will not lift. With some metallics you have to wait for it to cool completely but not Cricut’s.Learn how to make your own felt play money using your Cricut Explore

Crafting DIY - Valentine's Day

DIY Valentine’s Mailboxes

January 12, 2017

Create these DIY Valentine's Day Mailboxes. Such a fun and easy Valentine's craft.These DIY Valentine’s mailboxes were so easy and fast to make. I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 with this project but to be honest, you don’t need it. Just take a printout of the words you want to use on your mailbox, trace it onto some Iron-On Vinyl and then cut it out with scissors.Create these DIY Valentine's Day Mailboxes. Such a fun and easy Valentine's craft.Supplies – 

  • felt mailboxes (from Target dollar spot)
  • iron-on vinyl

I found these cute felt mailboxes in the dollar section at Target and thought they were darling. They also have mini metal ones or a larger felt mailbox too. I was really tempted to get them but I’ve got a budget I need to stick with!Create these DIY Valentine's Day Mailboxes. Such a fun and easy Valentine's craft.I used some silver and gold iron-on vinyl and I used this method to apply it onto my mini DIY Valentine’s Mailboxes. A really quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft that is sure to please anyone.Create these DIY Valentine's Day Mailboxes. Such a fun and easy Valentine's craft.Check out all the other Valentine’s Day craft lightning posts below by clicking on the photo.

Baby Malakai - Crafting DIY - Kids

What to pack in your summer swim bag? Plus see how we make ‘Life a beach’

June 29, 2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. This post is sponsored by Huggies Little Swimmers. All opinions are mine alone. #WaterThemDailyCB #CollectiveBiasWant to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.Babies and summer are hard. There is so much to remember and you can’t always find a cool place to hang out so what we love to do is head to the pool. I’m going to show you what to pack in your summer swim bag and also how to make a personalized saying so you don’t get it mixed up with your neighbors..or lose your pool key (that may have happened today)Want to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.Want to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.Want to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.I used some Iron-On Vinyl and my Cricut Explore to make the saying ‘Life’s a Beach’. They have a Heidi Swapp font now available that is to die for and so of course I had to use it. I used some teal glitter Iron-On and placed my iron on medium settings so that it won’t burn. To see the entire ironing process, head here. It’s pretty easy, just be sure to apply pressure and when you’re going to wash the bag, be sure to turn it inside out.  Want to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.Now that we go to our community pool weekly, I needed a bag that would house everything and nothing that I’d have to transfer, I needed a dedicated swim bag for my baby. Older kids, smolder kids – they are important but you just need less stuff when you go out so lucky me, I’ve got this bag now. Here are my 8 essentials that you’ll need in your summer swim bag.

  • Huggies Little Swimmers – The swim pant has adjustable tabs on the side that are great for quick changes. They come with new characters from Disney•Pixar Finding Dory, possibly the best movie to be released in a while!
  • Camera – You want to catch those sweet moments at the pool. Just remember that a camera is replaceable – your child is not.
  • A thin blanket – You want one that’s breathable so that the breeze can cool your baby down once you’ve decided to remove them from the pool. Muslin or cotton is a great choice.
  • A useful toy – You don’t want a toy that your teething baby can’t grasp or put in their mouth. There is such a better selection of toys nowadays and I’m sure they’ll just get even better.
  • Food – Whether they eat formula or they’ve moved onto finger foods, having some food is good for everybody involved.
  • Sunscreen – Be sure to put sunscreen on you and your babes. This is so important and more important to me now. I’ve recently had some moles removed which were one step away from being malignant. Just because my kids are bi-racial, it doesn’t make them immune to skin cancer. Start them early!
  • Change of clothes – You don’t want your baby to be freezing if the older siblings are still in the pool but they’re ready to get out. Be sure to have some extra clothes and diapers in your bag to get them all warm and snugly.
  • Your phone – Malakai’s therapist always used the light on the screen to help him with his head and eye movement so it’s got some purpose other than entertainment. You also want to have your phone available for emergencies in case any arise.

Want to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.Want to know what to pack in your swim bag when you've got a baby? Check out all the tips and tricks here.

For worry-free water fun in the sun, look for Huggies Little Swimmers with new Disney•Pixar Finding Dory characters at a retailer near you, and follow this link to download a coupon for $1.50 off your first pack of Huggies Little Swimmers – for a limited time – and find other Huggies offers.

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Make a ‘Finding Dory” shirt and learn how to apply iron-on vinyl

June 11, 2016

*This post does contain affiliate links. If you love it and buy it, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for your support.Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time because it speaks to just about any situation we’ve ever been in or known someone to be in. Cricut has amazing Disney images and a few Dory images. I’ve included the link to the cut file below but you will need to purchase the Disney images if you do not have any of the cartridges linked to your Cricut. There is a bubbles image and a font that is included in their subscription (which is totally worth it, btw). I’m really excited to see Finding Dory because it’ll just add to the nostalgia that the original movie had for me. Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!So for this post I’m going to show you how to effectively layer iron-on vinyl and how to really get that image to stick to your fabric.

  • First – turn your iron on to about medium-high and the steam off. You want it hot enough but you don’t want it too hot or else it’ll melt the plastic.
  • Second – Get your t-shirt warmed up before you place your first piece of iron-on vinyl down. This will help warm the glue and ensure a good stick.
  • Third – Place your first color down. It is important to note that you cannot place any additional vinyl over glitter iron-on vinyl, it will not stick. For me this was the black. Place heavy pressure on your iron and hold the iron in place for around 10 seconds. Between each step, turn the shirt over and iron again using pressure. Don’t try to remove the plastic and iron on top, it will melt. After you’ve ironed it, remove the plastic coating. This will come off fairly easily and it’ll let you know which parts weren’t ironed.
  • Fourth – Add your second image which is the navy blue for Dory. Be sure to follow the guided cut lines that the image gives you. It’ll help line it up perfectly. (I had to use two pieces because I was running low so your image will not have a space between it.). Iron the front and then turn your shirt over and iron again using pressure. Remove the plastic. **Save the smaller eyelids for later
  • Fifth – Add your light blue image. Repeat ironing the front and back using pressure and remove the plastic.
  • Sixth – Add your white eyes, bubbles and then add the smaller navy blue eyelids. Repeat the ironing process.
  • Seventh – Add the yellow using the guidelines and repeat the same ironing technique.

Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!The most important part of layering your Iron-on Vinyl and getting it to stick is making sure your shirt is warmed up, you’re using pressure and you’re heating the glue from the front and back. I had a really hard time getting my vinyl to stick once I washed my shirts but this method has helped a lot.

I’m totally wearing this to the Finding Dory premiere and I can’t wait for you all to see the other Finding Dory blog posts sharing everything from crafts to where you can spot her at Walt Disney World. Check that out here.

For the file, click here for the Design Space cut file. I hope you enjoy!Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!

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Trendy T-Shirts with Cricut Explore and Iron-On Vinyl

April 4, 2016

*I’m excited to team up with Cricut on this post. The vinyl was provided by them with opinions by me.  Lips and Lashes shirtThis was not my best photo sesh with these shirts but I love all of them the mostest. These are some of my favorite creations that I’ve made in a long time.Cricut has a new digital cartridge that hasn’t been released yet but they wanted some bloggers to try it out. I was one of the lucky ones and the designs are so fun. I ended up making a few of my own using multiple images and I also made some of my own quote shirts. I own a Kanye West shirt so I need to own a Britney Spears one too.The trick I have learned is that you. Hold your iron on the vinyl protective sheet until the image is stuck, then turn your item upside down and iron the backside so that you get a good adherence.  Don’t use steam and use an iron on medium settings.This taco tee has about 5 layers of the Iron On. It did not wash well so I have to figure that trick out. If you’re in the need to make a bunch of shirts, I highly recommend a heat press which will set you back around $150 but worth every dime. You’re even able to sell shirts with the designs from Design Space due to Cricut’s generous Angel Program. 

Clothing DIY - DIY - Sewing

DIY NFL Shirts and an Expressions Vinyl Giveaway

September 30, 2014

DIY NFL Shirts with Expressions Vinyl and $100 giveaway on frenchiewraps.com #VinylNFLWhat’s better than saving a good $40 on a shirt that you can do yourself and still make your kids’ dreams come true? Using Vinyl Heat Transfer from Expressions Vinyl is some of my favorite product ever. It cuts so smooth, irons on with ease and while sometimes you may get some peeling after washing, it can always be remedied and you won’t have that spot be a concern again.

DIY NFL Shirts with Expressions Vinyl and $100 giveaway on frenchiewraps.com #VinylNFLWhen we were first assigned this topic of NFL, I asked my son what teams he wanted. He literally named 10 teams. I’m not going to DIY 10 NFL shirts. It hit me that my nephews in Phoenix are getting into their first year of football and they are loving it. I called my sister to find out their teams and she told me the 49ers and Steelers.

DIY NFL Shirts with Expressions Vinyl and $100 giveaway on frenchiewraps.com #VinylNFLMy nephews have always been solid boys so I grabbed some XL shirts at Michael’s and Expressions Vinyl sent me the VHT in the colors that I had requested. I found some .svg files online of both teams and was able to upload it to my Cricut software so easily. If you’d like to see the process of cutting an ironing, click here. I layered the colors just as they would be on each logo. It really looks professional.

DIY NFL Shirts with Expressions Vinyl and $100 giveaway on frenchiewraps.com #VinylNFLAll told, these shirts cost me $35. I got the shirts on sale for $2.50 a piece and the VHT was a total of $30 for everything I needed and I still have some leftover. I used the 24″ sheets of white, black and red and then used the 12″ sheets of gold, blue and yellow.

DIY NFL Shirts with Expressions Vinyl and $100 giveaway on frenchiewraps.com #VinylNFLThanks so much to Expressions Vinyl for providing the VHT for these shirts. I know my nephews are going to love them! If you guys haven’t used them before, I highly recommend them. They have great customer service, sassy shipping and just about every color under the rainbow. I’ve also contributed to their blog last month and I love the outcome. Make sure you check it out!

XOXO, Lindsay

Be sure to enter the awesome giveaway below, if only I could! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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DIY Leather Moccasins & Accessories

August 21, 2014

You may have been seeing, floating around the internet a contest for Cricut called the Design Space Star Challenge. Guess what, I am now apart of that challenge and I have joined up with 9 additional blogs to create our team, Team #16, to participate in the next four months of challenges. We get to this month, show you our theme which is Military and make accessories and clothing that we know you will love but you will be able to create with your own Cricut Explore.

Cricut Design Space StarDuring these challenges we can submit up to 10 projects each month. I’m here to show you my four that I created. Maybe if I get really ambitious I’ll make 10…I don’t know about that. I will tell you that using the Cricut Explore is really easy. You’re able to use the fonts you have on your own computer, you can sync your own cartridges and never have to worry about using those pads again! They are in the works of creating their print and cut feature as well as to be able to manipulate the shapes. This is my favorite new tool and I couldn’t be happier that they provided me one so that I could participate in this challenge.

DIY Leather Pocket Tee with Cricut Explore on frenchiewraps.com

My first project I decided to do was this super simple DIY Leather Pocket Tee. I cut the leather using a rectangle shape the size I needed my pocket. In this case it was 2.5 inches by 2 inches and I created this fun plus pattern in Design Space and cut it using Expressions Vinyl Gold Vinyl Heat Transfer. I ironed my design onto the leather patch and then I simple sewed it to where I wanted the pocket to be on this tee using a leather needle and matching thread. Probably the easiest of all the projects.

Passport Book made with Cricut Explore on frenchiewraps.comMy second project I completed was a Passport/Itinerary Book. This was really easy also. I just used 11.5X9 rectangles and sewed them together with some fusing. The inner pockets, I took a quarter-inch off the ends and an inch off the insides then just folded them in half with some thicker fusing on the inside and sewed around all the edges. I ended up sewing this just like a pillow would be sewn and turned it the right way out with all my pockets and outside in the right spot. I whip stitched the leather and fabric closed and I added some more details from the Expressions Vinyl Gold Vinyl Heat Transfer. I used a font I had already downloaded on my computer and mirrored it first of all then cut it. It ironed on with such a breeze. I used some larger pieces to cover the inside and outer edges. I’m for sure going to be using this on our upcoming trip to Florida for Family Forward!

DIY Embellished Pants with a Cricut Explore on frenchiewraps.com

My third project was these pants. I used the same plus sign embellishments that I used on the leather pocket and mimicked them on the inner cuff of the pant. For these particular pants the pattern was 3 inches high. Again, I used the same Expressions Vinyl Gold Vinyl Heat Transfer. The seams on the pants were the trickiest and the most time-consuming. I was able to cut some single symbols and place them one by one on them if I did make a mistake.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for Cricut, they have an awesome program. You can apply here.


**Due to my exclusive agreement with Freshly Picked, I cannot at this time share my tutorial for my Moccasins that I made with my Cricut Explore. I will keep you all posted when this is available. However much I love the mocassins I made with my Explore, I can’t express that they for sure will never compare to the quality of Freshly Picked’s. If you want to learn about what I really think about their Mocc’s just read my review here. Also, be waiting for a giveaway too!


I especially love these shoes and how they turned out. I love my Cricut Explore and I really can’t be more thankful to Cricut for the opportunity that I get to participate in this contest and have the opportunity to win some of these prizes, some of which are completely life changing. I hope you’ll check out what the rest of our team is making, some are sitting out for this round but I love what we’ve all been able to come up with for this theme and this round.

Disclosure  |  I am a member of the Cricut Blogger Network.  I may receive prizes in exchange for my winning projects.  Even though I am not being directly compensated for these posts, I am under consideration for a prize with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

Clothing DIY - DIY - Sewing

Transform your Clothing

June 4, 2014

This post does contain affiliate links which I may or may not be compensated for.


I love using my Silhouette Cameo. I’ve been looking into the new Cricut Explore and I’ve been really tempted. I’ve seen it in action and the smoothness, quietness, all the bells and whistles can’t compare but for now I really do love my Cameo and until I can save my money, I’ll be using that. When I do get my Cricut, you’ll be the first to know! Don’t forget that you can get a free weekly shape in their Design Space too.

EX Party Collage 2

I have used Vinyl Heat Transfer before and let me tell you, I have not been impressed. I have always used the Silhouette America brand. When I was at SNAP! I had the opportunity to meet up with Expressions Vinyl. I asked Megan a lot of questions. I had seen their brand before but never used it because I thought that all VHT was treated the same. Boy was I wrong! Expressions Vinyl was so kind to send me some of their Vegas Gold VHT to transform Leila’s outfit and my niece Penny’s outfit for our Poodle Party. I really wish I got better pictures of Leila’s bum but a. it’s a little creepy and b. they couldn’t keep still. They just love each other. Don’t they look just alike? lol!

I started with designing my cut files in my program and then I mirror imaged them so that when I ironed them on they will show the correct way. I just used a font called Katie Rose that I purchased for my website and business for $16 and the shape I got in the Silhouette store for $.99 and I just searched for poodle. I do have a subscription and it’s $8 a month and I get $25 worth of shapes a month. Totally worth it!

Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 10.37.45 AM

Once it was mirrored, it was time to load it into my machine. I don’t use the craft mat when I do vinyl of any kind, that is my preference. You’ll want to adjust your bar as well so that it’ll be 12 inches rather than the 13 inches for the mat. I’ve attached some pictures below on what that should look like.
EX Party Collage
Once you’ve done that it’ll be time to load it, press the load media button. When you load it there will be a shiny side of the VHT and a matte side. Load it in with the shiny side on the bottom. You’ll want your ratchet blade to be on setting 3 though they recommend setting 2. When it got down to the details it was hard to remove the VHT. If your design isn’t super detailed like the poodle, you can get away with a 2 but for my letters I had to use a 3. Adjust the settings on the computer to make sure it matches the machine and press start. I’m still getting used to the new system but so far I think I like it.
EX Party Frenchie 4
Once it is cut, you’ll want to cut away the excess. I use my paper trimmer and cut straight across so that I’ll have a straight line to use the rest at a later time and not a wonky piece. Use your weeding tool and remove the portion that you do not want ironed on. Be very careful because it will come up and it doesn’t just go back down. It’s not like regular vinyl and it does stretch. Once it’s weeded you’ll want to lay your design where you want it and preheat your iron. Do not have the steam setting on and have it between your cotton and poly setting. You’ll want to place the iron on top of the design and keep the iron moving but be careful to not actually move the plastic because the design may actually move. If it’s hot enough you can peel the design up but it will leave a bit of residue on the clothes. This is a hot/cool peel VHT so you can take it off right away or wait a while to do so.
EX Party Fancy
EX Party Poodle
I really have to say that my mind has been changed about VHT. Expressions Vinyl did this for me. They are a fabulous company with so many options to take care of you. If you are looking for a craft cutting machine, they’ve got you covered too. This Vegas Gold was perfect for our party too. It’s not overly gold and just the right amount of sheen. They shipped this so fast and you get free shipping for orders over $75! If you’re looking to do a wall treatment or even fabric treatment, you can’t beat their prices for their quality. You’ll save yourself a lot of headache. Believe me, I have learned. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated over thinking why something isn’t working for me when knowing there was a better company out there and I didn’t try it due to my own ignorance. You have to give Expressions Vinyl a try! Stay tuned as well, I just may have a giveaway too!
XOXO, Lindsay
Expressions Vinyl did provide me with the materials to recreate this clothing. All opinions are 100% my own.