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DIY Patriotic Shirt using Foil Iron-On and your Cricut Explore

May 29, 2017

Making this DIY Patriotic Shirt is easier than you could ever imagine.
Use the Cricut Foil Iron-On to give it lots of flair.
Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Cricut for sponsoring this post.

I love using foil iron-on and Cricut by far makes some of my favorite iron-on vinyl. We’re fortunate enough that my kids get to celebrate two cultures. Fireworks play a huge role in their American heritage and their Tongan heritage. For this post, since we’re here in Utah, I’ll be making a DIY Patriotic Shirt and sharing with you the Cricut Explore cut file.


The foil iron-on is just as easy to use as the standard iron-on but it is a little thicker so you have to use your custom settings on your Smart Set Dial. It will be available in the drop-down menu where you select your custom material and use the Neon Iron-On setting. Be sure you remember to mirror your image or you’ll hate yourself for wearing a backwards shirt ;).

Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnYou’ll want to follow this method for using Iron-On, warm up your shirt first with the iron and then place the Iron-On where you desire. This starts the bond almost immediately and you won’t get lifts that are almost always problematic if you’re not used to this material. Make sure your iron is set on medium heat with no steam and be sure to allow it to cool for a few minutes before peeling off the carrier sheet.

The shirt is going to be the background color so that is why I chose a white shirt. I laid my red iron-on first and let it hand under the heat for about 10 seconds using a lot of pressure. Peel up the plastic and then do your blue iron-on, making sure I didn’t touch the hot iron to the red foil. You will now match up the silver to form the USA. I have already sliced your image so it’s set to go and you don’t have to worry about any of the designing.Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnOnce all your foil is on the front of the shirt, turn it inside-out and press really well on the back to ensure a tight seal of the foil. When you care for your shirts, wash them inside out on gentle.

Now enjoy the DIY Patriotic Shirt and party the night away. Happy Independence Day!!Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnThis is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Make a floral crown with your Cricut Explore

April 20, 2017

Using Cricut’s Make It Now feature is easier than you think. Just choose your project and press go! Create this paper floral crown with your Cricut Explore.Cricut Make it now floral crownThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Cricut for sponsoring this post.

Have you ever wondered how the Make It Now projects work in Cricut Design Space? It is probably my most favorite feature that Cricut launched when they first launched their Cricut Explore. I’m going to be showing you how to make a floral crown with your Cricut Explore. I’ll be using just simple cardstock and some glue and all my measurements are done for me with the Make It Now feature.Make a paper floral crown with CricutHow I chose this specific project was select the Fashion category from the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of Cricut Design Space. I selected the project I wanted and then all I pressed was Make It Now! Everything is measured out for me and they tell me what colors and how many pieces of each material I need in the information page.


How to Use Cricut's Make it Now-8Cut all your needed flowers and leaves and use this Giant Paper Flowers booklet to help you learn to put the flowers together correctly. Once you have them all together and then begin to assemble your floral crown.How to Use Cricut's Make it Now-4I started by braiding the floral stem together with 2 kinds of ribbon. I used 3/8″ wide ribbon that I picked up from my local Michaels along with the floral wire stem. I took it against my daughters head so that I’d have the right circumference. Her head was just the right shape so I didn’t need to cut any additional wire. I did leave longer tails of the ribbon so that I could tie it in a bow at the back and it’d have some texture.How to Use Cricut's Make it NowOnce the wires were braided together and the flowers were assembled, I glued it right to the wires. I just placed them as I wanted them and that was it. Cricut’s Make It Now feature is so easy to use and all the supplies are listed for you so you know what you’ll need ahead of time.

For more Cricut inspiration, see my Cricut projects here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Make a ‘Finding Dory” shirt and learn how to apply iron-on vinyl

June 11, 2016

*This post does contain affiliate links. If you love it and buy it, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for your support.Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time because it speaks to just about any situation we’ve ever been in or known someone to be in. Cricut has amazing Disney images and a few Dory images. I’ve included the link to the cut file below but you will need to purchase the Disney images if you do not have any of the cartridges linked to your Cricut. There is a bubbles image and a font that is included in their subscription (which is totally worth it, btw). I’m really excited to see Finding Dory because it’ll just add to the nostalgia that the original movie had for me. Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!So for this post I’m going to show you how to effectively layer iron-on vinyl and how to really get that image to stick to your fabric.

  • First – turn your iron on to about medium-high and the steam off. You want it hot enough but you don’t want it too hot or else it’ll melt the plastic.
  • Second – Get your t-shirt warmed up before you place your first piece of iron-on vinyl down. This will help warm the glue and ensure a good stick.
  • Third – Place your first color down. It is important to note that you cannot place any additional vinyl over glitter iron-on vinyl, it will not stick. For me this was the black. Place heavy pressure on your iron and hold the iron in place for around 10 seconds. Between each step, turn the shirt over and iron again using pressure. Don’t try to remove the plastic and iron on top, it will melt. After you’ve ironed it, remove the plastic coating. This will come off fairly easily and it’ll let you know which parts weren’t ironed.
  • Fourth – Add your second image which is the navy blue for Dory. Be sure to follow the guided cut lines that the image gives you. It’ll help line it up perfectly. (I had to use two pieces because I was running low so your image will not have a space between it.). Iron the front and then turn your shirt over and iron again using pressure. Remove the plastic. **Save the smaller eyelids for later
  • Fifth – Add your light blue image. Repeat ironing the front and back using pressure and remove the plastic.
  • Sixth – Add your white eyes, bubbles and then add the smaller navy blue eyelids. Repeat the ironing process.
  • Seventh – Add the yellow using the guidelines and repeat the same ironing technique.

Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!The most important part of layering your Iron-on Vinyl and getting it to stick is making sure your shirt is warmed up, you’re using pressure and you’re heating the glue from the front and back. I had a really hard time getting my vinyl to stick once I washed my shirts but this method has helped a lot.

I’m totally wearing this to the Finding Dory premiere and I can’t wait for you all to see the other Finding Dory blog posts sharing everything from crafts to where you can spot her at Walt Disney World. Check that out here.

For the file, click here for the Design Space cut file. I hope you enjoy!Want to make your own Finding Dory t-shirt. I'll show you how to layer iron-on vinyl that was cut with my Cricut. Get the cut file here too!

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How to Tie-Dye using Ice

June 3, 2016

tie-Dye with ice how toWant to know something about how to tie-dye using ice? This method is way easier than the traditional tie-dyeing method we all know. You just need a few items and no prewash which is kind of fantastic.How to tie dye with ice

What you’ll need:

  • T-Shirts
  • Tie-Dye
  • Ice
  • A surface you can get dirty

Easy how to tie-dye DIYSo I grabbed some t-shirts at Michaels and I usually pick up extras when they’re on sale. I also grabbed some tie-dye that comes already in the bottles that all you have to do is add water, except for this we will use the ice rather than water. Easy DIY tie dyeSpread your shirt out on a surface that you don’t care what it’ll look like after this is done. I chose my grass cause it can just be cut afterwards. Squeeze your powder on to the shirt dry to where ever you want that color. Easy tie-dye for kidsTie-dye with ice instructionsNext you’ll spread the ice on the shirt and allow it to melt then the shirt will dry. Go ahead and wash it and you’re ready to go. The colors will fade quite a bit but that’s just the nature of tie-dye.How to tie dye

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Trendy T-Shirts with Cricut Explore and Iron-On Vinyl

April 4, 2016

*I’m excited to team up with Cricut on this post. The vinyl was provided by them with opinions by me.  Lips and Lashes shirtThis was not my best photo sesh with these shirts but I love all of them the mostest. These are some of my favorite creations that I’ve made in a long time.Cricut has a new digital cartridge that hasn’t been released yet but they wanted some bloggers to try it out. I was one of the lucky ones and the designs are so fun. I ended up making a few of my own using multiple images and I also made some of my own quote shirts. I own a Kanye West shirt so I need to own a Britney Spears one too.The trick I have learned is that you. Hold your iron on the vinyl protective sheet until the image is stuck, then turn your item upside down and iron the backside so that you get a good adherence.  Don’t use steam and use an iron on medium settings.This taco tee has about 5 layers of the Iron On. It did not wash well so I have to figure that trick out. If you’re in the need to make a bunch of shirts, I highly recommend a heat press which will set you back around $150 but worth every dime. You’re even able to sell shirts with the designs from Design Space due to Cricut’s generous Angel Program. 

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Stocking – DIY

December 6, 2015

Ugly Sweater Stocking*This post does contain affilitate links, all opinions are my own.

I was challenged by Cricut to make an ugly sweater inspired stocking. I can’t express how much I love my Cricut and all that it has to offer. My favorite part of it? The apps that you can do snazzy things with. I can lay in bed and create a file and not have to worry about cutting it until I get my act together. When I was on bed-rest, this saved me from going into a creative rut and saved my sanity from having to be in bed all day. DIY StockingsCricut Iron-On VinylI picked these awesome Rob & Bob Studio shapes and un-grouped them so that I’d be able to multiply and use them as single shapes rather than a card like it was designed for. I grouped the specific shapes into the coordinating colors so I could get all the cuts I needed on the same sheet. When you have this stuff, you don’t want to waste a bit of it so, be sure to mirror your images so that everything will come out the right way!Cricut Explore ChristmasI used silver and black standard Iron-On and gold and white glitter Iron-On. When I used the standard Iron-On, I used the Iron-On setting. When I used the glitter Iron-On, I used the custom setting on my smart dial and selected Iron-On glitter from the drop down menu. You’ll have to do 2 separate cuts – as in cut your regular Iron-On and then start a new cut all together for the glitter Iron-On. You cannot change the cut settings in the middle of the cut if it’s a custom setting.  Christmas Ugly SweaterIf you’d like the FREE Cricut Design Space file, click here. You will have to pay for the shapes if you don’t have a subscription or if you don’t own the files yet. They are also having an awesome Christmas sale so be sure to check that out if you’ve been wanting your own.Home for ChristmasCheck out the Home for Christmas blog hop hosted by and Country Be sure to visit the other blogs and give them some love too. XO

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Fancy Shoe Clips with Crafternoon Blog Hop

August 6, 2015

Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Fancy Shoe ClipsI’m so excited to be apart of the new projects that Hazel and Ruby are doing. It’s called Crafternoon and it’s available NOW at your locals Jo-Ann stores or online. There are so many great bloggers who have come together to create their own individual projects for you to make at home. Everything is included except basic tools like scissors and glue guns, but you have the ability to make whatever your favorite blogger has made in an afternoon or two!

Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Fancy Shoe ClipsMy project is Fancy Shoe Clips and they were a lot of fun to create. I worked with Hazel and Ruby to make their vision come to life and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Fancy Shoe ClipsAll you’ll need is a glue gun, scissors and your Fancy Shoe Clips Crafternoon kit. I also wanted to make the ribbons neutral so that you could take some Rit Dye or even some water based dye to them and so it’ll add a pop of color permanently or temporary.

Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Fancy Shoe ClipsThe process is really easy and you can find all that you need to know here. It includes a short video of how I put mine together and shaped my Fancy Shoe Clips. If you’re interested in the shoes, I grabbed them from Cents of Style here.

Hazel and Ruby Crafternoon Fancy Shoe ClipsThis is an easy project and it adds just a bit of fun to any outfit. I hope you love!!

Fancy Shoe Clips Step 10

Head on over to The Crafting Chicks to see the adorable scarf that Becky put together!

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Baymax Felt Mask DIY

February 27, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BigHero6MovieNight #CollectiveBiasCreate these Big Hero 6 craft felt masks. Perfect for any child or adult alike.The Baymax Felt Masks were really easy to make with this template that I cooked up. Big Hero 6 is such a huge movie and so to make some Big Hero 6 craft idea was a no brainer. My kids love the movie, Big Hero 6, and when it came to stores on Tuesday, February 24th, Target was the clear answer to buy it from. We headed over there as a group and as soon as they saw the Big Hero 6 kiosk, they ran straight to it, screaming their heads off. Create these Big Hero 6 craft felt masks. Perfect for any child or adult alike.So all you’ll need is to print off the Baymax Mask Template, cut it out, trace it out on the felt, then cut that out and tie your elastic on each end. You could also sew the elastic on the ends as well, just use a zig zag stitch to get a good hold.Create these Big Hero 6 craft felt masks. Perfect for any child or adult alike.Make sure that you’re following Target on Facebook and Twitter so that you can keep up with their latest promotions, just like Big Hero 6! Let me know, What’s you’re favorite part of the movie?Create these Big Hero 6 craft felt masks. Perfect for any child or adult alike.