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Being Brave and Being Fat

April 28, 2017

I did receive this shirt from Cents of Style as part of compensation for this post. All opinions are my own and this post does include affiliate links.

What is being brave? I don’t know if I have one answer for that. Being brave to me is trying something you’ve been afraid to do. You finally have that exhilaration that you’ve experienced something you never thought you’d try or would have to face. Being brave to me has different meanings in different situations. DSC_6762One thing I’ve struggled with my entire life is my weight. I’m finally past all the issues of what others think of me but I’ve had a hard time getting over the things that I think of myself. I’m extremely critical of myself and I hate that I physically cannot do things I want to do. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few weeks ago that I posted on getting stomach surgery to help with weight-loss. Being brave has helped me face that I need intervention to help myself.Cents-Of-Style-Be-Brave-gray-graphic-tee_web_grandeSome may see that this is an easy way out but it’s far from easy. In 2006 I had a lap-band placed on the top of my stomach to help restrict the amount I eat. The last ten years I have figured out ways to manipulate it so that I can eat more than what I am supposed to. In that it has led me to bulimic tendencies because I’ve been too afraid to face the truth and food has always comforted me.

I’ve learned that throughout this process I have to face real life and I cannot hide behind food anymore. I think the reason the lap-band didn’t work for me is because I hadn’t faced real life. Now I am more than ready. I’ve had physiological help within the last year to help me deal with the issues of overeating. I’ve faced my own issues of suffering from Post-Partum Depression and PTSD. I’ve faced the fact that if I don’t do something drastic now then I never will.DSC_6850I’ve had a very low quality of life these last few years since I had my baby and I don’t want to do it anymore. That’s why I’ve chosen to be brave and to have a gastric bypass on May 22. I’ll detail my progress on Instagram but I also want others to know that it’s OK to be vulnerable and it’s OK to face what we’ve all been hiding from. It’s now time to be brave, it’s time for me to just be me.

I love Cents of Style for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is that they’re a champion of others and support others to no end. I hope that you get a shirt to help remind you of what you can do and what you can accomplish!DSC_6741I also wish I got better pictures of my shirt but it was a reminder for me under my button up to continue to be brave. I basically folded my arms the entire time because I wasn’t being brave this day. And we’ve also aged because most of our conversation included who is nice and at what store we’re willing to revisit because they had great customer service…I do love my friends though!

Baby Malakai - Fashion Finds Friday

Kids Springtime Fashion with OshKosh B’Gosh

April 18, 2017

Kids Springtime fashion is one of the funnest seasons to dress them for.
See how Oshkosh B’Gosh has all the essentials you’ll ever need.
Kids Spring Fashion TrendsThis post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I love dressing Malakai in dapper clothing – I mean, nothing is cuter than a little boy in suspenders. Am I right?DSC_0662Some of the best fashion I have found for toddlers comes in the form of comfort. Yes people, babies like yoga pants as much as their mamas! But when they make adorable little clothes that average sized people would look ridiculous in – we just have to buy it. DSC_0671DSC_0677These suspenders were by far my favorite find from OshKosh B’gosh and they are now Malakai’s Sunday pants. I love that I can pair it with a nice shirt or just a standard polo and it’s giving him a new look. Did I mention he loves peanut butter sandwiches? 😉_DSC0807Another style I love are jogger pants. Whether their in Jean form or sweat form, they just look adorable and I can’t get enough. Malakai seems to be drawn to them too because he never tries to take them off like other stuff he wears. We paired this pair with a nice henley one-piece and these crib shoes. IMG_3406 DSC_0689Malakai is almost walking and is getting more confident by the day to take off on his own. He loves these crib shoes because he can naturally curve his foot when he’s trying to take steps. I love all the designs that OshKosh B’gosh offers. I wish too that I could have gotten him these sandals but that’ll just have to wait for now. DSC_0674OshKosh B’gosh is a great brand for kids because they sell practical clothing and stylish clothing. You can find everything you need from affordable comfort to great Sunday clothing and especially holiday clothing.  DSC_0682Now you can save 25% using this Oshkosh Coupon and get your Spring shopping on! Shop online or find your local OshKosh B’gosh store here. 

Baby Malakai - Fashion Finds Friday - Kids

The Best Fall Baby Boy Fashion with Carters

September 12, 2016

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.So Malakai is almost one. I cannot believe it. We’ve come so far from his days in the NICU and it almost seems like it was someone else’s life. I’m so glad he is healthy and strong today but we do have a ways to go. I want to share with you the best Fall baby boy fashion to grab at one of our favorite stores.

5-Pack Original BodysuitsWhat are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.When Malakai was in the NICU, the best preemie clothes we were able to find were at Carters. Their original bodysuit is something that I’ve used with all my kids and have found it to last longer and it was more durable than the ones you grab off the shelf at the supermarket. For the preemie clothes it gave my son the sense that he wasn’t a hospital patient. He was dressed so cute like a baby should be and the clothes actually fit his tiny body. Most premature clothes are wide and short. The Carters preemie clothes are close to the skin, give them actual designs on the clothes and were soft enough for them to be comfortable.

3-Piece Little Jacket Set

What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.When Carters asked me to grab some items from their new Fall line, I was excited because of how much of their items we already own. However, being a baby photographer is not my thing and I think Malakai fell over 5-6 times. We went to our local pond and changed him a bunch of times into the cutest baby boy fashion you’ve ever seen.What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.When choosing a wardrobe for a baby, think comfort. I think some new moms don’t realize how often they’ll  be changing a baby and how accessible a baby’s bottom needs to be for diaper changes. I love to get packs of the original bodysuit and always have a layer under my babies regular clothing. I also love the comfy pants that Carters has to offer. I also grab their Sleep & Play jammie’s but I try to stay away from the fleece. Because Malakai was a micro-preemie, he over heats a lot. He cotton is plenty warm for him and it does the trick. It’s also an experience thing when trying to figure out what works for your baby. Go ahead and try new things and see if it works for your family.
What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.Carters clothes are so comfortable for babies and it makes a big difference in how they feel staying in certain items all day. Softness and durability are key when looking for baby fashion. There are so many fads going around and while they’re all adorable, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it for them to wear for a short amount of time for the money you’re spending. From my experience it’s all about comfort and sustainability which Carters clothing fits into those categories perfectly. What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.When I am looking at baby boy or baby girl clothes, I want something that will last and that will also not break my budget. There are very few things that I find are actually worth spending the big bucks on like soft sole shoes and a good baby carrier.What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.What are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.Carters always has great sales and you never have to pay full price for anything, ever. If you’re on their email list, they send you coupons all the time. They also have a reward program and the best thing is is that it’s all traceable in their system so you don’t have to go digging for the previous receipt. We love Carters clothing for our baby boy but I was especially appreciative that they had the best preemie clothes on the market. Use the coupon below for more savings!Carters 2016 coupon codeWhat are the best essential clothing for baby? Check out this guide.To find your nearest Carters, click here and to get it all shipped to your home, click here. I’ve loved working with Carters and I know Malakai is as snug as a bug in their new Fall line.

Carters is also having a Pinterest contest called ‘Pin Baby Pin’ and you have the chance to win a $50 gift card by just uploading your favorite Carters baby’s first look to Pinterest and submit your link here. Contest ends 9/26/16 and 75 lucky winners will be selected. Good Luck!

Baby Malakai - Contributor Posts - Fashion Finds Friday - Kids

How to pick the perfect diaper bag. Explore the different types of bags for different mamma’s.

July 11, 2016

This post is brought to you by our friends at The Baby Cubby.Want to know what diaper bag you should choose? See all the questions and answers on how to pick the perfect diaper bag.Diaper bags are so hard for me to get right. I’ve had several through the years and I finally made the perfect choice with the Ju-Ju-Be Be Classy and guides like this one from The Baby Cubby helped in that search. I’m going to be answering questions that I’ve often wondered about in how to pick the perfect diaper bag. I’d love to hear some of your feedback as well.Want to know what diaper bag you should choose? See all the questions and answers on how to pick the perfect diaper bag.How many pockets will you need? You definitely want one or two on the exterior to hold your bottle. I like that the Ju-Ju-Be has insulated pockets so that you don’t have to take a separate insulated bag to keep your water warm. I also like them to be easily accessible for everyone involved. If you have to dig through your bag just to find the bottle, it’s not worth it. On the interior it’s great to have 2-4 more so that diapers, medicine, Copper Pearl bandanna bibs and pacifiers all have their own dedicated space.

How large should it be? I am a big bag lady – not the Erika Badu kind – the larger the purse is, I’ll buy it. I personally think that no bigger than 18″ on the base is really needed when it comes to diaper bags. You want it to be large enough to carry all your essentials and yet easy enough to carry. 

Should I get the backpack or purse style? I prefer backpack style so that your arms are free to do the heavier duty things. Backpack style bags are great for traveling and walking around but it’s a little harder to keep on if you don’t have both straps around each arm. Purse style diaper bags are great for convenience. Their zippers are easily reachable and you can grab and go and not worry about other straps dragging on the ground. Look for a purse style that has a strap that can be added to convert it into a tote, I think you’ll love that.

What will I put in it? Your life! It’s so important to have the little things available when you need them and you’re not always going to be home. I like to stock up my bags with at least 10 diapers and a pack of wipes. I always have an extra change of clothes on hand because they’re babies we’re taking care of. I also keep some medicine and always a spare pacifier because I lose those all the time. I’ve already lost 4 pacifier clips and I’m surprised I haven’t lost my baby…yet. Want to know what diaper bag you should choose? See all the questions and answers on how to pick the perfect diaper bag.What material is best? I go for a material that I know will not get holes easily (that’s obvious) but there are so many options when it comes to material it just is really about preference. I’ve had a real leather bag that to-be-honest wasn’t worth spending all that money on. I have a faux leather backpack style one and I do appreciate that one because the pleather is on the inside and out. I personally prefer the Teflon protection that the Ju-Ju-Be bag offers. It’s easily cleaned and it has my favorite ‘crumb drains’. You have no idea how much you’ll use that feature. Get one that can be wiped down or washed easily, that’ll make life so much easier than having to walk around with a giant stained bag. 

Should I buy a gender-neutral bag or go all in on patterns? When you invest in an item, you want it to be timeless. The same thing is true when buying diaper bags. Get one that suites your style and can be carried by both you and your partner. Get one that most people can’t tell it’s a diaper bag. You’re already tired from having a baby, you might as well feel like your style is somewhat amped up with a stylish bag. 

How much should I pay? I would rather pay once for a good quality bag than have to buy 2-3 bags at $50 a pop. You end up getting the one you want in the end anyways. Be sure to try it before you buy it. Don’t be afraid to see if there is a local boutique that carries the bag and try and bring what you think you’ll carry in it to give you an idea of functionality. If you buy online like I do, be sure to buy from a company that has a good return policy and don’t throw anything away until you’re sure it’s the right one. 

Will I use it as much as I think I will? Answer for me was yes. I did opt for the neutral patterned bag and so I use it as my purse and my diaper bag at the same time. Look for bags that serve a dual purpose and ones that have places for mom, not just baby. Be sure to get the style that you will like as in the tote style, backpack style or purse style. Get one that you actually want to carry around and your investment will be well used. Want to know what diaper bag you should choose? See all the questions and answers on how to pick the perfect diaper bag.

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How to DIY a Personalized Phone Case with your Cricut Explore

June 20, 2016

*This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my business!Create a trendy personalized phone case using your Cricut ExploreYou can do so many things with your Cricut Explore and one of the great things about Design Space is that you can set a canvas to give you the measurements that you will need so you don’t have to wait until the end to see if it’ll fit.How to apply vinylTo set your canvas, open a new file in Design Space. On the left hand side it’ll give you the canvas button, click that. Go through the list of objects and select what you’ll need. When the canvas is set be sure that it’s the correct size of your object. It gives you options of shirt sizes, iPhone case sizes, etc. To do that, click on the canvas tab on the right side near your edit buttons. It will have a drop down scroll for type and size so set it there. You’re done!How to use Cricut transfer tapeDIY phone caseI used the iPhone 6 case canvas and made my personalized phone cases from there. I used a watermelon, pineapple and cherries and I used the Adhesive Foil Sheets. I cut it on the Foil setting under the custom dial and selected it from the drop down list. I also grabbed some inexpensive clear cases off of Amazon. I grabbed six because I want to be able to switch it up a bit. The ones I had are rubbery plastic, when I buy again I will get the more durable plastic because I don’t think it’ll peel as easily because it isn’t bendable.How to make your own personalized phone case using your Cricut ExploreAll those designs are available through Cricut Access and I have links to the pre-made design available at the bottom.
How to make your own personalized phone case using your Cricut ExploreAfter you’ve set your canvas, choose your design and copy and paste it until you have enough to cover the entire case. Be sure to attach the images so that they will cut in the order you’ve designed them in. Weed out the negative foil or vinyl and then place your transfer tape over the top of the design and press well. I can’t tell you how much I love the new and improved transfer tape.How to make your own personalized phone case using your Cricut ExplorePeel the transfer tape up to include your images and transfer it onto the desired object, in this case it’s the phone case. Be sure to give your images a really good press so that when you lift the transfer tape, your image stays put on the case. The foil is not as pliable as the vinyl so the edges don’t stick great or round off great either. It also doesn’t work great for tiny details to transferEither omit those designs or just cut them to the edge so you don’t have any peeling. Voila, you’re done!

XX, Lindsay

Here are the links to the cherries, pineapples and watermelon.

How to make your own personalized phone case using your Cricut ExploreLove this project but don’t have a Cricut? Well today is your lucky day! I’ve joined a talented group of bloggers and we are giving away Cricut Explore and Everything Starter Kit Bundle! Enter through the Rafflecopter below and for more chances to win check out these other summer projects!

Citrus Fruit Coasters from Tastefully Frugal

Red, White & Blue Heart Koozie from The Casual Craftlete

Soft Kitty Dalek T-Shirt from Housewife Eclectic

Welcome Summer Party from The Quiet Grove

Personalized Kids Coasters from Crafting In The Rain

Trendy Phone Cover from Frenchie

Easy Like Summer Morning T-Shirt from 7 Alive

DIY Planner Dividers from Auntie Tay

Summertime Sign from Crafting In The Rain

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fashion Finds Friday

Holiday Plus Size Fashion with Forever 21

November 20, 2015

*This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are 100% my own.

I love fashion but I’m larger so it’s a bit trickier to find. I like Forever 21 for a few reasons – cost, style and cost. I don’t have the money that I would like to have to be able to buy some of the things that other plus size bloggers are wearing and that’s ok. I’m able to go to stores like Forever 21 or Asos and find fashionable and affordable clothes for my plump bod.

Plus Size Pleated Eyelash Lace Skirt and Shirt – $22.90-24.90
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Pleated Eyelash Lace Skirt Plus Size Cat Plush PJ Jumpsuit – $29.00
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Cat Plush PJ Jumpsuit Love Graphic Bomber Jacket – 49.90
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Love Graphic Bomber Jacket Heathered Longline Jacket – $37.90
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Heathered Longline Jacket Boxy Crepe Top – $19.90
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Boxy Crepe Top
Pointed Faux Suede Booties
FOREVER21 Women's  Pointed Faux Suede Booties

Frayed-Hem Flared Jeans – $32.90
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Frayed-Hem Flared Jeans
Ribbed Faux Leather Leggings
 – $17.90
FOREVER21 PLUS Women's  Plus Size Ribbed Faux Leather Leggings

Clothing DIY - Fashion Finds Friday - Sewing

The Ansley Pattern

November 7, 2014

Ansley top and dress patternI’m so glad to be apart of the Ansley Pattern Tour. This pattern is insanely easy and has the best feature I’ve ever seen in a pdf pattern. When I received the pattern from Blaverry, there were options on the left side that she walked you through to choose the side you need. You check them, press print and it prints all the pages that you need in the size that you need. No need to figure out what pages of the 80-page pattern you need, she’s done all the hard work for you!

Ansley top and dress patternAll of her patterns are adorable and stylish, that is a big reason why I was so drawn to this pattern. Customize it any which way you want it with the sleeves, the hem on the bottom and the collar.

Ansley top and dress patternWith this shirt, I decided to use a light stretch denim and some extra leather I had lying around the house. With the collar, she recommended that we cut two but since the leather is so thick, I didn’t think it was necessary. I love how the hem has the high/low going on.

Ansley top and dress patternLeila was very excited to get a new ‘dress’! Who wouldn’t be excited to get something as fabulous as this? The best part is, is that it’s stylish enough that it doesn’t look like it’d be homemade. She’s offering everyone 10% off in her shop with the code ILOVEBLAVERRY10 so be sure and see what she has to offer. This pattern was really easy to follow and I’m not a very good pattern follower.

Ansley top and dress patternMake sure to check out the other ladies blogs and see how they created their Ansley patterns! XOXO.

*I received this pattern free to review but all opinions are 100% mine
AnsleyTourBanner 1
November 6th
November 7th

Fashion Finds Friday

Plus Size Thrift Fashion at TAGS

September 19, 2014

Plus Size Thrift Store Fashion at TAGS on #tagsthrift

Let me tell you about TAGS, we here in Utah have a pretty terrible selection of thrift stores. We have DI and that’s about it. The message behind DI is great but their stuff comes from the back straight to the front and it’s a lot of crap. That’s exactly what you’re buying, someone else’s crap. Sometimes you hit the motherload and get something so amazing you wonder why in the world would they give that up but it’s just a little blessing in disguise. I think that is why Utah women are so creative, we have to take others crap and make it beautiful. Why, because we can and we want to.

Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at Tags on #TagsThrift

However, there is a new way of thrifting here in Utah and I couldn’t be more excited. You hear those stories about people finding Designer items and you’re questioning your thrifting abilities. You shouldn’t be questioning your abilities, you should be questioning where you’re shopping. TAGS is different, they have so many places where they bring their items in from that they get those special items. See the jacket that I’m modeling, oh…it’s just DIOR and it was $20.

Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at TAGS with #TagsThrift

Fall fashion is just around the corner and trenches are going to be hot. They haven’t been on the radar since the early 90’s so a lot of trench coats were there and a lot of good ones too! I’m plus size and never find any kind of clothing for me at thrift stores so I usually just stick to shoes, bags or home decor.  I had so many options here and so many that I liked, they weren’t mom clothes.

[col1]Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at TAGS with #TagsThrift[/col1]
[col2]Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at TAGS with #TagsThrift[/col2]
[col3]Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at TAGS with #TagsThrift[/col3]

FYI, I love a good joke.

  • Coat – Christian Dior – TAGS $20
  • Pants – Old Navy – $9
  • Shirt – Cents of Style – $15
  • Chambray Shirt – Old Navy – $29
  • Shoes – Ross – $9

Why is TAGS different? First, they have one warehouse where they collect and sort their items. They are planning on opening two more locations by the end of next year in Utah so this will be awesome because each store will have the same pricing, everyone will know what is going on and that it is supposed to be that price. You won’t have a $5 shirt at one store and it’s $2 at the other store. Second, they have partnered with Avenue Bakery to have them in the store! Score for the pastries! They also offer free wi-fi and a Barnes and Noble type setting so you can just come hang out. Third, they actually care about the community. They have buying centers where you can come sell your items to them, whether it be clothing or home, you have that choice to take the money or you can donate that money right on the spot to a charity of your own or they have partnered with a charity called Feed the World and non-profit partners like the American Fork Band.

Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at TAGS with #TagsThrift

TAGS is fresh, it’s clean and it’s really here. It opened today, September 19th! It’s fabulous and I recommend for all because if you can’t find something than there is really something wrong with you, j/k. I encourage you all to share this post to get the message out there to let our fellow Utahan’s know about this treasure in our own backyard and we support them to stay in our community and keep growing and supporting these fabulous charities.

Make sure you check them out, they are just in Spanish Fork at 680 South 500 East and their website is

XOXO, Lindsay

Also, if you didn’t know I used to be a model when I was 5 for Fred Meyers and I was bringing my glory days back until my husband was mocking me. That’s when he got this face. Don’t feel bad for him!

Plus Size Thrifting Fashion at TAGS with #TagsThrift


I did attend a blogger night out on behalf of TAGS Thrift and received this jacket as part as compensation. All opinions are 100% mine and true.