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The perfect Fathers Day gifts for Dads of Preemies

June 12, 2017

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Every new Father is important and we as mothers know what we need. But what do dads of preemies need? This post will highlight all the important items you need for your home for your premature baby.Any Dads of Preemies out there? Here are the best tech items for your baby.

Our son Malakai was born at 24.5 weeks gestation and it was a scary time for all of us, especially his dad. I’ve had 3/4 premature babies and I’ve never seen my husband so attentive to our babies in the NICU except Malakai. Of course he was concerned with all of them but none of them had the complications Malakai had. I’ve wanted to make a round-up of all the items that a dads of preemies need to put his mind at ease.Any Dads of Preemies out there? Here are the best tech items for your baby.

  • VTech VM981 Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor with 1 Wi-Fi Camera, 5” Touch Screen is the perfect video monitor to see your new baby at all times. It hooks up to your smart phone and a 5″ touch screen so you’re able to go from room to room with the comfort of knowing if your baby is ok. The VTech VM981 Expandable Video Monitor can zoom in 10X to your desired view and the picture is always crystal clear. Grab it on Amazon here.
  • White Noise Machines are important because they help clear out the silence. Preemies have been surrounded by alarms, talking, pokes and prods all while they were in the hospital, it’s important to have something that clears it all out.
  • Cool-Mist Humidifier, I say cool-mist because the warm-mist humidifier can be a burn hazard for children. The air is the same temperature when it hits your child’s lungs but the cool mist seems to be more effective for preemies.
  • Large Water Dispensers can be found at your local hardware store or in Utah they have a company that you can rent from. Some can deliver the large bottles to your home or you can fill it up at a local grocery store too. I like the large water dispensers because they have a hot and cold function. This is great for making bottles, just do half and half, or even warming bottles. Bottle warmers are handy but can cause hot spots just like a microwave.
  • Smart Thermometers can hook right into your headphone jack on your phone and you can get a reading for their temperature right there. It also saves the history of the fevers so that you can give our doctor an accurate report.

Any Dads of Preemies out there? Here are the best tech items for your baby.Technology is not necessary for everything but the items above are, in my opinion, an absolute must. These help your kids transition from hospital to home very easily. Dads of preemies everywhere are going to want these great items for their kids.Any Dads of Preemies out there? Here are the best tech items for your baby.For more information on the VTech VM981, visit VTech here and on Facebook. Now tell me, what’s your favorite tech items for babies?Any Dads of Preemies out there? Here are the best tech items for your baby.

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Quick and Easy Mothers Day Wreath, the Perfect Gift

March 19, 2017

This quick and easy Mothers Day wreath makes the perfect gift. It’s the perfect addition to your door in the Springtime.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’m so excited to be joining in on another Craft Lighting. I’ve made so many easy crafts that are darling and make the perfect gift for anyone but today we’re going to make the perfect Mothers Day gift by making an easy Mothers Day Wreath with cupcake liners and some ribbon.Spring wreath ideas


Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaThis mothers day wreath was so easy to make. Just buy a bunch of cupcake liners and the best place to buy bulk is online. I grabbed these ones at the dollar store and I bought 8 packages which was more than enough for a 16″ wreath form. The reason I like these ones is because they are not a true white, they are more of an antique finish and almost have a wax paper consistency.Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaCreate this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaTo begin, take one of your liners and grab the bottom and pull up so that it creates a longer, skinnier liner. Place some glue on your wreath form and quickly add the liners. Repeat this as much as you like. I chose a lot of liners because I want a full wreath but you go for it however full you want it. I also suggest you use the low temperature on your glue gun or else you’ll end up with a lot of burns…just talking about a friend of mine.Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaCreate this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaYou’ll leave a space blank and add your flowers. I grabbed my faux poppies from Michaels and removed them from the stem. I placed quite a bit of glue on the back of the flower and pressed. I began with my flowers and added my leaves as I went to fill in the spaces. Once your flowers are arranged how you like it, add in more liners to complete the look. Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaNext take some ribbon, I love this muslin ribbon and it matches the antique look I’m going for. You can take long strands and tie them together in the middle so you have a sort of tail looking ribbon or you can take extra tong strands and tie them in a bow. I like the look of flowy ribbons so I did the first option. I think that with this muslin ribbon it looks better the longer it is. Cut the ends on a diagonal and then attach it to your wreath. You can also do this a number of ways by just gluing the knotted part of the ribbon to the underside of the form, you could also tie your ribbon on beforehand and then glue all the liners to the form. Again, this is your project so do it how you like.Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath ideaOnce it’s dry and complete, give it to your mama. I know my mom will love her Mothers Day wreath and its something that looks great all year round. I’d love to see your creations so tag me on Instagram or Facebook. Happy Mothers Day!

Check out all the other Craft Lightning projects and gather more inspiration for the perfect Mothers Day gift that won’t take you a lot of time!” Create this Mothers Day Wreath in less than 30 minutes. Perfect Spring wreath idea

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Mothers Day Garden Party and a Tribute to my Mom

May 2, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BestMomsDayEver #CollectiveBias

Mothers Day PartyWhen I was putting together this party, all I could really think about is how fabulous moms everywhere are and how little credit we give our own selves. It’s really time to make a change and have a party celebrating our moms and make sure that we save a spot for our self at that table.

Easy DIY Flower CupcakesIn all reality, this was probably the easiest party I’ve ever put together because everything was pre-baked, pre-bought, pre-printed or in one spot for me to buy. I didn’t have to go running around, I didn’t feel frazzled thinking that I had to make the best of the best. I really could take the time to enjoy peoples company.

Easy Carrot CakeThis last weekend at the SNAP! Conference, we had the pleasure of hearing David Tutera speak. Someone had asked what makes a great hostess, he simply said that you are the first person they see, you are always making sure that they have food or a drink and you are the last person they see. That is so true. All these minuet details are so vain and we think that’s what makes a party but what really makes a party is the people being present. That is always what has made our mothers so special, is that they are always present when we need them.

Easy Fruit Tray for a PartyMy mother and my mother-in-law are two women that I hold in high regard and there are two different reasons. My mom has always been a hard worker outside and inside our home. I have always contributed being successful in the workplace and not being a stay at home parent. My mom has always helped me throughout the struggles I’ve had the last 5 years when I started staying at home with my kids. Another thing that has happened in the last 5 years is my mom was diagnosed with Renal Failure. We all thought that we’d be able to donate to her and that would be that. We were really wrong.

Mothers Day Party 1It turns out that because my moms diagnoses was from her diabetes, they are nervous that us children could all in fact get diabetes. They won’t allow us to donate because they don’t want us to be in the same situation 30 years from now. It’s extremely frustrating because as a child, you want to help your mom just as she has helped you, but you can’t. She has continued to fight and work all at the same time battling infections and denials of transplants, however, she has continued to stay positive all for the sake of her children and grandchildren. She still continues to take time out of her day to still help me fold my laundry even.

Mothers Day Party 2My mother-in-law has always been a great caretaker in the home. Shes had 14 children all starting at the age of 18. My husband comes in third in the family so when we go see everyone, it is always a blessing to be surrounded by younger siblings. When my husbands father was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2006, we had no idea what undertaking she would endure. She still had 7 kids left in the house, by this time 2 of the younger kids had passed away from a heart defect and from something unknown. She had to fight everyday to tend to the bush, to the house and now it is getting more difficult because there are only 2 children left in the house to help. I am amazed by her strength in the LDS church and how it has never wavered. She is so sure that she will see her husband again and I know that by seeing her testimony grow, mine has grown.

American Greetings Mothers Day CardI am so blessed to have these women in my life and so honored to be their daughter. I love that I have the opportunity to mail these cards out to them and that I can express to them the greatness they are in my life. Head on over to Walmart to grab some of these adorable and heartfelt goodness. They also have some perfect gifts to hand out to those loved mamas in your life. Make sure you enter the sweet giveaway below, too!  

#BestMomsDayEver Giveaway- $4,000 Prize Value” async=”true”>

Dinnerware, Cupcake liners/flowers, Gumballs – Orson Gygi
Cups, Cheese Tray – Target
Printables (Paris Set and Fathers Day Set) – Caravan Shoppe

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Free Mothers Day Printables – Paper Source Inspired

March 14, 2015

**Just a disclosure and me being a meany pants. All my printables I offer are free for personal use only. I really hope I don’t have to talk to you in my scary mom voice cause my kids don’t like it and I’m sure you wouldn’t either, thanks!

I’m really excited to be helping out Stephanie with Crafting in the Rain today. She has as series that she does every March called Craft Month A-Z. Everyone is given a letter and then we all come up with something clever. It’s interesting to see what all our brains can do!


Free Paper Source Inspired printable available on frenchiewraps.comI have the letter G. I thought long and hard and kind of wanted to make using the color gold, but in reality, I’ve done a lot of gold and a lot of crafting so I wanted to do something different. I was browsing in my Paper Source catalog and found some killer tea towels for moms but my mom has a bazillion towels. I’m not lying. She has 2 drawers in her kitchen full of white towels and that’s not including what’s in her laundry. So instead of G for Gold, it’s going to be G for Gift.

Free Paper Source Inspired printable available on frenchiewraps.comSo I wanted to take those sayings which I really liked and turn them into FREE Mothers Day printables for you to GIFT to your moms and grandmas. Just click on the links below and it’ll take you to the PDF’s, print them any size you’d like. I made the pixels pretty high so head to Ikea and buy her a 20×20 frame! I hope you love!

OMG My Mother – Frenchie 

You’re the Mom – Frenchie

Now check out this weeks G-M crafts and be sure to check out last years here as well.

G is for Gift for Mother’s Day by Frenchie
H is for Hoop String Easter Cross by Made with Happy
I is for Ikat Clothespins by Hey, Let’s Make Stuff
J is for Jean Pocket Purse by Ginger Snap Crafts
K is for K-cup Daffodils by The Kim Six Fix
L is for Letters by Inkhappi
M is for Monogram Wreath by One Krieger Chick