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Print and Cut with Cricut Explore

September 26, 2014

*Disclosure – This post does contain affiliate links but all opinions are 100% mine

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreToday I got quite a few things done while Leila was at Preschool, it’s the first time in a while that I’ve been able to do that. Dishes, laundry, posts, project, errands. I can never get that much done in such little amount of time. That’s what I love about the new feature on the Cricut Explore. Print and Cut was just released on Wednesday this week and it’s the easiest thing you’ll do. The most difficult part for me was calibrating my machine and that wasn’t even hard, really – it was just a little time-consuming.

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreSo I’ll walk you through it. Remember, you can do this with EVERY shape in the Cricut Design Space that you have access to. This isn’t limited to only a few shapes. You’ll first want to choose the shape that you want and then it’ll pull up in your screen. The next click you’ll make is the ‘Flatten’ button. This will make your shape one-dimensional. The largest that you can make your shape now is 8″x4″. Cricut has some excellent Vinyl and Sticker Paper available now! The Vinyl Paper is thinner and it gives you the opportunity to use it for home decor projects. The Sticker Paper is much thicker and is has a pretty firm grip so you’ll want to use it for things like I used it for my treat bags and cupcake topper, etc.

*Disclosure - This post does contain affiliate links but all opinions are 100% mine

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreNext, you’ll select the shape and press ‘Go’. It’ll give you the option of how many you’d like to make. I wanted 12 cat stickers for my treat bags that I’ll be using additionally for another project. You’ll then click ‘start’. You’ll want to make sure that the paper is loaded in your printer the correct way to ensure the image is printed on the paper side of the Cricut Vinyl or Sticker Paper or whatever paper you’ve chosen. This does work best on white paper so that it can read the registration marks the best. Make sure NOT to close your cut window yet.

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexplore

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreOnce those are printed, it will let you know to now load it onto your Cricut Explore. You’ll have your Smart Cut Dial on Custom. Load your mat printed side up. Select in your cut settings your Cricut Vinyl or Sticker Paper and it will ‘kiss cut’ your paper. That means it will cut your paper at the right depth without cutting through the backing, just like actual vinyl. Once all your stickers or printables have been cut, you are done.

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexplore

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreIt is just that easy and you have a fabulous, professional looking project like these treat bags without a lot of work and layering and glueing, etc. I love this feature, I’m going to be using it a lot. I am still amazed at what I can do with this machine everyday and the precision that it cuts and all the materials I can cut.

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreYes, I am an affiliate and yes if you do buy some of the items I will make a small percentage. I did decide however, when I started my blog that I would never mislead you and never try to lead you guys on in any way. All Things Thrifty has an excellent comparison article about how she compares the Silhouette vs. the Cricut. Yes, Silhouette has some cool shapes but you can combine the shapes in the Cricut Design Space to make cool shapes too. You can also see that they have some great artists working with them so a lot of their new stuff is cool. I love a good, clean line when I see one!

Print and Cut with your Cricut Explore on @Cricut #cricutexploreIf you don’t believe me, make sure you check out my Design Space Challenges that I’ve entered and see what I’ve been able to do with their shapes and combining other shapes. Also, they do have an awesome sale going on! Now is the time to get one! They have FREE Shipping on all orders over $35 with the code FREESHIP35 and $10 off all machine bundles with the code SEPTSPECIAL until September 30. You can choose between the Starter Set Bundle or the Bluetooth Adapter Bundle which is perfect for the Print and Cut, you can just leave your machine right next to your printer! That’s already off the incredible bundle deals they have now.

This is a real great investment and if you haven’t noticed by now, I use mine everyday. It’s also a great gift for Christmas! Have fun and I hope you come back next week for some real fun tutorials!

XOXO, Lindsay

22 thoughts on “Print and Cut with Cricut Explore

  1. Bonnie

    I’m new with cricut explore, I’m trying to learn how to make a family photo of my daughter’s or dog on a shirt or bag. Iron.can you please help.thank you

  2. Jamie

    I am a newbie to crafting and revelry purchased the Cricut Explore Air. I love it so much already and am excited about the print and cut sticker option. When I am trying to print, the sticker paper is getting jammed in the printer. Can you enlighten me as to what I may be doing incorrectly or a step by step? I know it is prob something simple. But I am new so I’m not sure that I’m doing it correctly.

  3. Sara Camacho

    Hi! I am new at this and I was wondering if you could help me. I wanted to know if I can use any sticker paper and still get the same results (the back of the paper is intact) please answer my question, thank you so much!

    1. Frenchie Post author

      Hi, Sara. The sticker paper from Cricut is a bit thick for my own printer. I have ended up using the vinyl sticker paper which works just as well. The stickers aren’t as thick and the stick isn’t as tough but it’s plenty good for all the stickers I’ve created on Design Space. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Frenchie Post author

        Sorry, I’ve been super busy. The best paper to use is the vniyl paper from Cricut. The actual sticker paper is too thick for mine as well but I have just as great success with the vinyl printable paper. It is a bit more flimsy but it looks the same/

    2. Frenchie Post author

      I’ve never personally tried bringing in my own images to use stickers but I imagine it is the same as bringing in the jpegs to use as cuts. Just be sure to flatten your image. Good luck.

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  9. Leanna

    I really love the kiss cut feature. I have a Silhouette and didn’t even know the term to look it up, much less figure out if its an option on my machine.

    Your stickers are great.

    1. Lindsay Post author

      It is an option on Silhouette but you have to have the special printed shapes. With Cricut, you can flatten all images and they’ll print out. I love that feature.


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