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Family Game Night Fun

November 18, 2016

Create a fun family game night using Headbanz ElectronicLeila and Penny are the best of friends and they can laugh for hours on end. I don’t think they’ve ever fought, ever! We had a get together at my mom’s house and the girls had so much fun having family game night, alone, while their brothers played by the fire pit.Create a fun family game night using Headbanz ElectronicWe started with unwrapping the Hedbanz™ Electronic and I love that it comes in its own case that holds the cards and also has the ability to hold the Hedbanz™ Electronic bands.  My previous experience with Hedbanz™ was positive but there was nowhere to store the items neatly. The Hedbanz™ Electronic solved that.Create a fun family game night using Headbanz ElectronicLeila and Penny were able to play the three essential ways –

  • Ask “Yes” or “No” questions
  • Describe It
  • Act it out

They were also able to utilize the five questions that is included with the  Hedbanz™ Electronic. The questions were easy enough that they were able to read them on their own and the pictures included in the  Hedbanz™ Electronic were so clever.Create a fun family game night using Headbanz ElectronicAs you can see by their expressions, they had so much fun together. I think that’s so essential for family game night. Include games that all ages can get involved and include all those who want to be included. When kids get older, they seem to not want to do family game night. I always try to find games that include older and younger kids. Hedbanz™ Electronic is the perfect game for all ages and it has you act silly which is a smile maker.Create a fun family game night using Headbanz ElectronicWe had so much fun having family game night that we left it at our Grandma’s so it can be played every time we’re there. To purchase  Hedbanz™ Electronic on Amazon, go here. Now tell me, what is your favorite game for family game night?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Using 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family During the Holidays and a GIVEAWAY!

February 19, 2015

I’m so excited to have Nicole Carpenter guest post today for us! I have loved her new book, 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family – 5 Minute Messages. We have been using it on Monday nights for our weekly family nights and I’ve seen a huge difference in the way we communicate and love each other. I highly recommend this book even if you’re not Mormon. There are many ways that we can learn from each other and the Mormon church teaches many reliable things about family. 
Take it away, Nicole!

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest.  I love the pretty images, the useful life hacks, the picture-perfect recipes and the birthday party ideas.

Nicole Carpenter threequarter

Yet I hate how the beautiful images make life seem so unrealistically perfect and the picture-perfect recipes haunt me because I never cook them. Most of the things on Pinterest remind so many of us of our weaknesses, not our strengths.

However, when it came to the origins of my book 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family: 5-minute messages, I loved Pinterest. Like love, love loved Pinterest. Because of this image and idea-sharing site, my original devotional series posted years ago on MOMentity.com spread like wildfire and other families all over the world could find the spiritual help they were looking for to fortify their families.

52 Weeks to Fortify My Family

And now that blog series has been expanded into a book. 52 Weeks is a theme-based approach to daily devotionals for Latter-day Saint families. The book offers an assortment of topics from kindness and citizenship to prayer and the repentance.

One of my favorite things about this book is a section included near the back that I haven’t talked about much — holiday devotionals. Now it’s nothing near as fancy as the holiday helpers you’ll find on Pinterest, but as far as teaching the gospel in your home goes, I think you’ll love them!

  • Love & Valentine’s Day
  • The Atonement of Jesus Christ & Easter (part 1)
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ & Easter (part 2)
  • Nation & Independence Day
  • Fear & Halloween
  • Gratitude & Thanksgiving
  • The Nativity & Christmas

So as you continue to search Pinterest for homemade Valentines ideas or fun Easter crafts for the kids, just know we’ve already got your devotionals covered!

1 bestseller flag

I’m so excited that 52 Weeks is already a #1 bestseller on Amazon! If you want your own copy you can grab one online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or in person at Deseret Book or Seagull Book. Or – if you’re feeling lucky – maybe you’ll be the winner of the autographed copy we’re giving away!

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NICOLE CARPENTER is an advocate for strong families. She believes in focusing first on strengthening mothers so they can fortify their children. Nicole is a mom mentor, speaker and founder of MOMentity.com, a blog and online community for mothers, reaching out to moms in over seven different countries. She is the creator of the Define Your Time™ time-management e-course and the Mothers of Magnitude Academy. Nicole’s parenting column publishes regularly on KSL.com and has been syndicated in several other online news sources. 52 Weeks to Fortify Your Family: 5-minute Messages is her first book.

Nicole graduated with a B.A. degree in Public Relations from Weber State University, where she also met her husband, Marty. They reside in Syracuse, Utah and are raising four incredible children, including a set of identical twins. And to make it all happen, she may or may not rely on Diet Dr Pepper and chocolate-covered toffee hidden in the fridge.

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A Fun Valentines Date Night Basket and Monthly Date Night Printables

January 30, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #YoursandMine #CollectiveBias
Create a memorable Valentines Day with your spouse and create this fun Date Night gift basket to last the whole year only on frenchiewraps.com #YoursandMine #Ad**Just a disclosure and me being a meany pants. All my printables I offer are free for personal use only. I really hope I don’t have to talk to you in my scary mom voice cause my kids don’t like it and I’m sure you wouldn’t either, thanks!

My husband gets a lot of heat from me and not in a good way. I decided this Valentine’s Day that I’d treat him to a gift basket to include some of his favorite treats and continue a tradition that we do with our kids but extend it to him. I created some cheap and fun date night ideas that can be opened and redeemed once per month that will help us live down memory lane. Let me tell you our story. It’s pretty funny and not your ordinary love story.

Create a memorable Valentines Day with your spouse and create this fun Date Night gift basket to last the whole year only on frenchiewraps.com #YoursandMine #AdMy husband, Efi and I met in October 2003. He was visiting from California and I just randomly showed up at a friend of a friend’s house for a party. It was awkward cause I knew a few people but not a lot. I thought he was my friends ex-boyfriend when I saw him far away but as he came closer, things were much better! My brother has a friend who always was so cute and he knew it and he knew I thought it and his name is Garrett, when I saw Efi – he is the Tongan Garrett, lol!

Create a memorable Valentines Day with your spouse and create this fun Date Night gift basket to last the whole year only on frenchiewraps.com #YoursandMine #AdHe knew he was cute and I kind of thought I wasn’t his type, I know now that I’m not his type. We didn’t talk much that night and he ended up going inside the house and I left. We ended up there the same night the following week and he had just gotten dropped off from another date (yes, that’s true). Well, someone asked us to go grab some cheeseburgers from the local fast food joint and since him and I were the only ones not drinking, we were clearly the obvious choice. We went through the drive-thru and had some more opportunity to chat and he was very friendly and a total flirt. We got to the window and the guy asked us if we had seen anyone because someone had tried to rob them through the drive-thru the night before. I totally laughed in the guys face, poor guy. We grabbed the food and Efi was trying to tell me where to drive back to the house but really he was trying to show me a place to make out, hahahaha! The hormones of 20 year olds. Anyways, I’m sure you can imagine we obviously made out that night, of course, he’s the Tongan Garrett! I’m not letting this one slip me by!

Create a memorable Valentines Day with your spouse and create this fun Date Night gift basket to last the whole year only on frenchiewraps.com #YoursandMine #AdI kind of thought I wouldn’t really see him again after that but we kept in touch and he was really the first person that I could really relate everything to. That would be my heart, my faith and my past. He got me, he understood me and he loved me. That’s all I could ask for and for him to be my partner and my spouse now for the last 10 years, I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else. It really takes love to know how to support and care for you. Anyone can come in and say it, but it really comes down to actions and I’m so grateful for him. He deserves the world and I hope I’m able to provide that to him as well.

Create a memorable Valentines Day with your spouse and create this fun Date Night gift basket to last the whole year only on frenchiewraps.com #YoursandMine #AdFor his gift this year, I really wanted to go back to our first years together and print out some coupons for him to help him remember our first memories together. We used to walk around Temple Square in the snow, drive around all the time, hang out with friends, watch movies, cook, get ice cream, go to movies, go to the dollar store in our poor days. These are some special memories that aren’t so specific that I made up for a printable that you can easily make them yours too. Now, when I say play at the park, I mean actually play on the toys, not make out. We are grown now so we don’t need to go to the park to make out anymore, we can do that at home ;). So with that said, I headed over to Walmart and grabbed the K-Y® YOURS+MINE in the K-Y® DATE NIGHT pack with super discreet packaging. For more great Valentine’s Day ideas, visit www.k-y.com. I know that any husband will enjoy the time and thought put into anything that their wife gets them. It’s not about the money but always about the thought put into something. Take the time in your marriage to communicate and really take the time to love each other.

XOXO, Lindsay

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