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Cars 3 Candy Popcorn Recipe

November 7, 2017

Cars 3 was released today on DVD/Blue-ray and so it couldn’t be more fitting that
I share with you this Cars 3 candy popcorn recipe. 

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No one is more excited for Cars 3 than Mr. Malakai. He loved the preview but he was just too small to enjoy it in theaters. He now lives for movies. He’s always asking for more and I’m happy to oblige when I have other things to do in the house. Just add your favorite candy and salty chips to any microwave popcorn and it’s the perfect movie snack. For this recipe I added some mini Kit Kat, Sour Patch Kids, Peanut Butter M&M’s and Red Hots. Just find any combination you like to make this yummy candy popcorn recipe your own.We had the opportunity to head to the Cars 3 Road to the Races event and we had a lot of fun as a family. The preview of the movie was the derby scene and it was so fun to see the expressions on all the cars’ faces. 

Cars 3 Candy Popcorn Recipe

  • Prep Time: 5m
  • Cook Time: 2m
  • Total Time: 7m
  • Serves: 4


  • 1 package microwave popcorn
  • 1 cup ruffled potato chips
  • 1/4 cup Sour Patch Kids
  • 1/4 cup mini Kit Kat
  • 1/4 cup peanut butter M&M's
  • 1/8 cup Red Hots


  1. Microwave your popcorn packet for 2 minutes. Lay on a sheet pan to cool. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes until it's cool to the touch.
  2. Add in your favorite candy and chips, toss to mix.
  3. Place it in a serving bowl and enjoy!
Don’t be afraid to add your own spin to this recipe. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how good this candy popcorn recipe is. Don’t forget to grab the movie here on Amazon or head to your local store to get it today!

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Crafting DIY

Make a Mermaid Pillow with your Cricut Maker

October 30, 2017

This mermaid pillow was so fun to make with my daughter. She loved picking out the fabrics.
See how easy it is to make with your Cricut Maker.Create this easy Mermaid doll from Simplicity using your Cricut MakerThis post contains affiliate links.


Make a mermaid doll with your Cricut makerThis mermaid doll was so easy to make and it was all thanks to my Cricut Maker. I used the rotary blade with the fabrics and the felt and it cuts so smooth. The darts are all included and you can choose if you want the pen to do the markings.

I chose to do the markings on the face so that I could do the embroidery on it. I just used a simple backstitch to complete the eyes and lips. Mermaid doll diyThe flower was easy to assemble as well. I used the purple felt that comes in the felt sampler pack from Cricut. I like the Cricut felt because it is stiff. You can get a good clean cut from it and it doesn’t slide on your mat. I’ve cut different brands of felt on my Maker and I do like the Cricut felt best. Some wool felt I had would move as I was cutting or when I peeled off the mat, the entire piece of felt fell apart. It’s all trial and error when you’re cutting materials on any machine though.DIY Mermaid doll with CricutTo assemble the mermaid doll, follow these instructions. assemble the front of the doll and then the back of the doll. Sew them together right sides facing each other and then leave about 3-4″ on the tail. make a mermaid doll with your CricutStuff your mermaid pillow doll with some pillow stuffing or I just used few snow that I bought on clearance years ago, works just as good for stuffies. Now whip stitch the opening closed. Now you can attach your flower to your doll and you’re done.

This mermaid pillow doll was a lot of fun to put together. It’s the first time that I let my daughter pick out coordinating fabrics and that was a hard thing to give up. She loves her personalized mermaid doll and loves that I loved to make it for her. One day I’ll let her use my sewing machine…one day.make a mermaid doll with your Cricut

Halloween - Kids

Classroom Halloween Craft – Spooky Suckers

October 12, 2017

This is the perfect classroom Halloween craft to create for your childs Halloween party.
Create these different spooky suckers using napkins and Tootsie Roll pops. 
Thank you to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this post.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free template

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I love helping in my kids’ classrooms but I especially love class parties. Halloween is always one of the best and I’m always looking for an easy craft to make with all the kids. What more do kids need on Halloween than candy? More candy!Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free template
Last year we made cotton ball ghosts and ran out of cotton balls. This year I want to be extra prepared so I got 200 suckers and 150 napkins to make sure I don’t run out of supplies. Do you think I’ll have enough? 😉

We’ve all seen those ghost suckers that are super easy but I wanted to add more characters. I decided on a witch and a bat. I’ve cut all the shapes out with my Cricut Maker but I’ve also included a template down below so that you can easily make them without an electronic cutting machine.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free template


To begin, tie all the napkins around the suckers first and attach a twine string at the base of the sucker to hold it on.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free templateNext, draw some faces. I wanted to keep it simple so I just drew an open mouth and two small eyes on the ghost. With the witch I tried to attempt a nose with a wart. Just use a fine black pen for these images. For the bat I drew some fangs using a silver marker so it would show on the black napkin.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free template Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free template Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free templateYou’ll now want to assemble your witch hat. If you’re hand cutting these, don’t worry about the middle area of the base of the hat. Just place some glue on the tab and roll your hat into a cone. Now adhere it to the base. If you have the tabs, just place glue on each one and fold it under the cone.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free templateFor the bat wings, just place some hot glue on the edges of the wings and place them on the sides of the sucker.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free templateYou can easily have the kids cut out the shapes but for a class of almost 30 students, cutting ahead of time is a lot easier for me. Or you could just trace them beforehand as well.Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free templateThat’s it, the easiest kids classroom Halloween craft using suckers and napkins. Make one or make them all! Happy Halloween!Create the perfect classroom Halloween craft with suckers and a free template

Crafting DIY - Halloween

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

October 9, 2017

These DIY Halloween trick or treat bags are perfect for the little trick-or-treaters in your life.
Thank you to Oriental Trading for sponsoring this post.Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your Cricut

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Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your CricutCreate these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your Cricut


I’ve created a few files for the different images for these bags and you can find the Design Space link at the bottom of the post. Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your CricutFor Iron-On Vinyl, the main thing you want to remember is to mirror your image. That is where I make the most mistakes when I’m creating anything with Iron-On.

Cut out all your shapes using your Cricut or if you’re really adventurous, find an image online and cut it by hand. You’ll next want to peel away any of the negative space on your image. Leave what you want your image to look like on the carrier sheet for easy application. If you by chance accidentally peel away what you wanted you can try to either stick it back on the carrier sheet or you could just place it down on your material and then place the carrier sheet over it before pressing it.Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your CricutNext, warm up your iron or EasyPress. I have had a lot of issues with peeling when I’ve just used an iron in the past. It doesn’t quite do the trick and that is because it has an uneven heating surface. The EasyPress has by far been one of the best tools I’ve used and its small which makes storage a breeze. For the Lite Iron-On I used the press at 305° for 30 seconds. For the Glitter Iron-On I used it at 325° for 30 seconds. Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your CricutYou’ll then want to lay down a towel that is folded in half. Lay your surface over the towel and use the EasyPress to warm up your canvas bags. Lay your image over the warm surface and place the EasyPress over it. Hold down the EasyPress with some pressure and press the green Cricut button to begin the countdown.Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your CricutOnce your image has been pressed, go ahead and peel off the carrier sheet slowly. If you have any pieces that may have not stuck, just press them again. Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your CricutVoila! You’re done and your kiddos are going to love their own personalizes DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags.Create these DIY Halloween Treat bags using your Cricut

Spider Trick or Treat Bag
Witch Better Have My Candy (download the Better Together font)
Boo Trick or Treat Bag
Bat Trick or Treat Bag


Clothing DIY - Kids

DIY LEGO Batman Shirt with your Cricut Explore and Glow in the Dark Iron-On

September 26, 2017

Create this DIY LEGO Batman shirt using your Cricut and glow in the dark iron-on vinyl. It’s perfect for the little vigilante in your life. This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you to LEGO for sending our kids these awesome books.Create this DIY Lego Batman Shirt using Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer. Such an awesome shirt for any Lego fan.This post does contain affiliate links.Create this DIY Lego Batman Shirt using Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer. Such an awesome shirt for any Lego fan.I don’t know about you but LEGO Batman has become an essential in this house, or should I say the car? It’s pretty much the only DVD my kids want to watch in the car and because of that, I’ve become really good at quoting the movie. We took Siaki and his friends to see it when it was in theaters and I’ve never seen kids laugh louder in my life. These shirts have become their go-to wardrobe because the glow in the dark vinyl lights up for a good 5-6 hours after they’ve been playing outside all day.


Go ahead and upload the LEGO Batman shirt cut file into your computer using this method. It has both images on the file so you can upload both or just one. You do that by selecting whatever part of the image you don’t want. So for the words in Batman’s logo, you’re going to select it so that the Cricut will know to cut it out. This Batman cut file can be uploaded on your Silhouette but it’s been so long since I’ve done that. There are plenty of instructions on how to do that online.Create this DIY Lego Batman Shirt using Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer. Such an awesome shirt for any Lego fan.After you’ve uploaded your file, size it to fit the shirt. For a child large and medium, I made the file about 8.5″ wide. Set your file to cut and be sure to mirror the image for iron-on. Once your image has been cut, remove the excess iron-on material. Only leave what you want your image to be on the carrier sheet.

To secure your image with an iron, follow this method. If you’re using a heat press, your temperature needs to be set for 305° and pressed for 20 seconds. Cricut has a new EasyPress and I’m excited to get my own. For now, I just used the iron.Create this DIY Lego Batman Shirt using Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer. Such an awesome shirt for any Lego fan.There you go. You’ve now become the coolest mom on the block cause your child has their own LEGO Batman shirt and they can put together all their LEGO Batman sets while looking good.

Crafting DIY - Kids

DIY Popsicle Holder with a FREE Printable

July 14, 2017

Make these easy DIY popsicle holders to save yourself a headache and a huge mess.Create your own summer DIY popsicle holders using scrap fabricThis project is so easy and such a breeze. Begin by cutting your coordinating fabrics into 2.5″ x 12″ pieces. You’ll then take your pellon and sandwich it in between the fabrics. Sew both sides and if you’d like, sew the top and bottom.Create your own summer DIY popsicle holders using scrap fabricNext you’ll want to create your hole for your tag. I used a Crop-a-Dile but this step is totally optional. I just pierced the hole and then put a brad in the middle and pressed. Create your own summer DIY popsicle holders using scrap fabricNext, line up the edges and sew again. I left a 1″ tab on the top just for a contrast in the fabrics. Cut the edges using pinking sheers or you can use standard scissors, just be wary of fraying. If you don’t have pinking sheers, just use some hem glue and it’ll keep your edges nice and solid.Create your own summer DIY popsicle holders using scrap fabricAfter you’ve sewn up the sides, add your popsicle and your gift tag. Pass them out, wash them when they’re dirty and reuse them. Such a good alternative to a paper towel and great for our environment.


  • 2 Coordinating Fabrics 2.5″X12″
  • Fleece Pellon 2.5″x12″
  • Sewing Machine
  • Free Printable

Create your own summer DIY popsicle holders using scrap fabricI just pretty much did whatever the fabric would let me do with this project, be creative and do whatever you’d like for your own custom DIY popsicle holder. Happy Summer and Happy Sewing!Create your own summer DIY popsicle holders using scrap fabricLet’s also settle a debate, what do you call them? I call them otter pops and my husband has always called them ice blocks. The ice block is rubbing off on my kids and I don’t know if I can handle that 😉sensational Summer Snacks in the Summer Fun Series from Life Sew Savory

DIY Popsicle holder with free printable from See Lindsay

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade from Atta Girl Says

The cutest Hummas Veggie Snails from Chef Sarah Elizabeth

Frozen Pineapple from Life Sew Savory

You can also check out all the other craft, sewing and food posts from the Summer Fun Series HERE on Life Sew Savory.


Car 3 “Road to the Races” Tour Sneak Peak

June 13, 2017

Cars 3 is a movie not only my kids are looking forward to, but I am too. We attended the Cars 3 Road to the Races Tour in Utah and it was so fun.Cars 3 Road to the Races tourWe were able to attend this event at Thanksgiving Point in Utah and now they only have a few more location stops before the movie is released on June 16th. We had the opportunity for a sneak peak of the movie and it was more than I anticipated for. Sometimes movie franchises move too quickly for sequels but this is hitting theaters at just the right time.Cars 3 Road to the Races tourMalakai even paid attention for the full preview. He loved it that much. It was the scene where they are at the derby trying not to get smashed to pieces. He seriously stayed glued to the screen the whole time. Cars 3 Road to the Races tour Cars 3 Road to the Races tourAlamo Rent-A-Car was there with this fun, giant coloring sheet. Each of the kids had the opportunity to color for as long as they wanted. I love when events have things that get the whole family involved.Cars 3 Road to the Races tourWe had the opportunity to see the Lightning McQueen in person. He was also there along with his friends Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm. They were so fun to see in person and all the kids were going crazy for it.Cars 3 Road to the Races tour Cars 3 Road to the Races tourThey had a really fun table with all the Mattel cars that the kids could take turns racing and building. We had a spinning wheel by Crest and Oral B that was offering toothpaste, toothbrushes and tattoos. Dole was there with the best smoothies and they handed out all the recipes. Coppertone was there with their tire drill so the kids could tighten lug nuts. They also had their awesome sunscreen samples that were pretty vital for that day out in the sun.Cars 3 Road to the Races tourCars 3 Road to the Races tourI absolutely recommend Race Line passes so you won’t have to wait in line. You can see if they’re available here. If you don’t have them, no big deal. Just plan on being there a little bit longer. We were able to walk right in with our passes so it was a huge convenience.Cars 3 Road to the Races tourDon’t forget to check out Cars 3 in theaters on June 16th. I cannot wait! I hope they do this tour again soon for all those cities that weren’t on the list but all we can do it cross our fingers.

If you’d like to see the Cars Land at Disney California, check out the great deals with Get Away Today.

Clothing DIY - Fourth of July

DIY Patriotic Shirt using Foil Iron-On and your Cricut Explore

May 29, 2017

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnI love using foil iron-on and Cricut by far makes some of my favorite iron-on vinyl. We’re fortunate enough that my kids get to celebrate two cultures. Fireworks play a huge role in their American heritage and their Tongan heritage. For this post, since we’re here in Utah, I’ll be making a DIY Patriotic Shirt and sharing with you the Cricut Explore cut file.


The foil iron-on is just as easy to use as the standard iron-on but it is a little thicker so you have to use your custom settings on your Smart Set Dial. It will be available in the drop-down menu where you select your custom material and use the Neon Iron-On setting. Be sure you remember to mirror your image or you’ll hate yourself for wearing a backwards shirt ;).

Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnYou’ll want to follow this method for using Iron-On, warm up your shirt first with the iron and then place the Iron-On where you desire. This starts the bond almost immediately and you won’t get lifts that are almost always problematic if you’re not used to this material. Make sure your iron is set on medium heat with no steam.

The shirt is going to be the background color so that is why I chose a white shirt. I laid my red iron-on first and let it hand under the heat for about 10 seconds using a lot of pressure. Peel up the plastic and then do your blue iron-on, making sure I didn’t touch the hot iron to the red foil. You will now match up the silver to form the USA. I have already sliced your image so it’s set to go and you don’t have to worry about any of the designing.

Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-OnOnce all your foil is on the front of the shirt, turn it inside-out and press really well on the back to ensure a tight seal of the foil. When you care for your shirts, wash them inside out on gentle.

Now enjoy the DIY Patriotic Shirt and party the night away. Happy Independence Day!!Create your own Patriotic T-Shirt using your Cricut Explore Air 2 and Foil Iron-On